Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our Christmas Story... Part 1


Oh my what a weekend!!

All my "plans" of getting the house all clean for Christmas ... well, lets just say I'm going to start now to get a jump before next year. (A pun is intended).

I had the boys bedroom spotless... by Christmas morning the livingroom was decent, the dishes were done on Thursday and then Friday... and Saturday we spaced doing the dishes. So that was one disappointing failed gift to my husband. (Sorry babe, one of these years I'll have it perfect -- just don't give up on me)

We were just a few minutes away from having all the "you know what stuff" done on Christmas Eve, when what to my wondering eye would appear a sick 3 year old little boy, who had just thrown up in his sisters bedroom, and now just wanted his mommy.

So my plans of getting to bed within a fem minutes were now pushed back (little did I then know by how long). So after cleaning up the puke mess he just wanted to snuggle and be with me. (Don't get me wrong I did feel truly blessed and honored that he wanted me in his little miserable moment) So I stop any further action for a while.

I kept watching the clock, and notice the time kept ticking on. I kept trying to ask for it to stop, but if I couldn't get that I at least wanted it to slow down. SLOW WAY DOWN. No such luck. I was able to get away about 30 minutes later, and tried to do a few more things. And BAM-O he pukes up on the blanket I like to use, and gets onto the sheets... seriously this isn't funny. It's like 1 in the morning, and now I'm not sure what to do, because I can't find the extra King size sheet in the linen "armoire" closet. So I just pile a doubled over sheet on top of the "wetness" after I've sanitized the spot, and had the little guy go into his room to sleep.

He start feeling yucky again, like IMMEDIATELY. So, I just happened to have a "puke" bucket with me and he starts doing his business into the bucket. Poor creature... he was looking so pale after the first time, that now he looked a little worse.

He just wanted to snuggle some more. So back to my bed to lay down and snuggle to help him feel better. (Cause you all know that's what mom's do best. Help their sick people feel better) I'm starting to doze off on my bed, while A Christmas Story is on marathon mode on TBS and I kept startling awake realizing that Santa hadn't quite made it to our home yet.

All this while the little kid was laying awake, while the fully exhausted and frustrated mother was nodding off wishing she could go to sleep. (Okay so I'm that mother) And all this happened while he was wearing his brand new Phineas and Ferb (A Disney Cartoon) pj's he just opened a few hours earlier. He was so upset and said, how he hated to throw up, and didn't want to throw up. He was so sad looking. All I could do was agree, and love him.

So he finally agrees to lay there while I stepped out. I commenced to let Santa in and leave his gifts for each of the children. Had the living room looking good, the stockings were ready, but not hung, as we have no way to hang them.

It was exhausting... I tell you.

I finally head back into my room, nervous to death to move the little sicky boy in fear that he'd wake up and feel the need to gross me out some more. So I left him on my bed, and just lay down beside him. All the while Chris was laying on the other side of the bed, and was fast and sound asleep. Mummified in our comforter, and the one blanket I liked to use had just been messed on and in line for a bath in the washing machine. So I grabbed a few little "throw" blankets, slept in my clothes to keep warm and slept till I heard the kidlets come into the room around 7:00 am. WOW...already?!

He was so kind to wake up to their craziness, and I told him what he needed to know, but he told the kids to let me sleep because I had a rough night with Ethan. I couldn't sleep knowing how excited the kids were, so I told him that I'd be okay and I could just get a nap later. He said, for me to just lay there he had a few things to take care of. So there I laid under the orders of the man I married. I really tried to go to sleep again, but I had a hard time. A little while later, Katherine came running in, and said that Daddy was ready.... (I think I was asleep when she came in and said that ... because I replied with give me 5 - 10 minutes and I'll be out there.


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