Friday, November 11, 2011

Esther at 2 months

So another month has past and my little girl is now two months old.

 ( Again more for my benefit than anyone else's and this was started on November 9th and now it's the 12th ...oops that goes to show you what life with a newborn can be like.) 
  • You love to sit in the swing.
  • Your brothers and sisters love to hold you.  
  • You were blessed on the day you tuned 2 months old. 
  • You are starting to show smiles and the kids get all excited when you start to smile for them. 
  • You are still very spitty, and can be quite gassy.  
  • You love your pacifier ( and I love it too) 
  • You love to be snuggled and wrapped up in your blankets.  
  • You sleep well when you actually fall asleep.  
  • You had your first Halloween and we dressed you up as a ballerina. You are so cute!
First picture was taken on October 31st, 2011  and the second picture was taken Oct 23, 2011 -- you are growing so fast, and I know this is just the start of more fun times to come.  We love you Esther!