Thursday, July 29, 2010

One of Kaylee's Misadventures....


Well as you might remember we made a trip to California back in June.  We left on a Saturday, and by the following Monday Kaylee injured herself.   Luckily I wasn't around to see all of this play out, but
I've had to deal with a lot of the aftermath since then.   So don't look on, if you get squimish looking at cuts and raw looking skin...  Just scroll all the way down and see what it looks like now.  (Just a scar and all healed) 
These pictures were all taken almost two weeks after the accident happened. 

Soaking her feet in a sink so we could loosen the suture strips that were placed there by a nurse that looked at her while we were there, thus saving us a $750.00 copay to the ER... (Don't get me wrong, we would have taken her in if this were a more life or death injury, and as it turned out it wasn't -- thank goodness)

But by this time after being on for a week and a half they were getting loose and starting to fall off.  And I knew I could let her just go around with them half falling off, because the site was oozing stuff, which made me think it could have been infected. 

So we soaked, and used peroxide to work off the suture strips.

Seriously GROSS!!! 
 I was nearly wanting to FREAK out when I saw this because it still looked BAD and the accident had happened almost two weeks prior.  NOT A GOOD SIGN AT ALL. 

Ta DA!!  We got them all off, and proceeded to use peroxide to clean out the wound as best we could and then put some Neosporin type stuff with a pain reliever in it on and used some bandages to cover it again, to wait through the weekend and take her back in to the doctor on Monday. 

As it turned out, the doctor saw her on Monday and felt like there must be an infection deep inside the cut that was preventing it from healing, so they soaked her foot in a soap solution for about 20 minutes and then cleaned her up, gave her a prescription for antiobiotics... and asked us to go back in 1 week to look at it. 

I didn't get pictures of it then, but it was amazing how quickly it changed once we got her on the antibiotics.  The skin started coming together and sealing off.. and it was just amazing!!  What a miracle. 

And just earlier today about 5 1/2 weeks later since those
other pictures were taken here's what she looks like. 

I do have to say it looks a lot better now. 

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Makeover..... part 1

Okay so lately we've been thinking about getting the house fixed up and change the look and help it feel NEW to us again. The easiest way to do this is by putting paint on the walls. Well, I set out this last week, by cleaning out the entire room that my boys sleep in. Everything is OUT!!

Some of it is in the garage and other stuff is on the front porch (sad to say it looks BAD on my porch right now). And stuff is in the living room as well. My house is BAD... it's so messy everywhere. I cleared out the boys room and then had no energy or time to do the "OTHER" things I should have been doing. Like dishes, laundry (by the way I think clean underwear is highly overrated), making dinner and such.

But who cares??? Well, I'll confess I care!! It's bugging me that I didn't get the regular household chores done so that I could turn this:

Into this.....

Still not quite finished with it yet.  It needs one more layer on the trim and borders... but otherwise it's nearly finished!!  Chris and I make such a great team... although, he says that I'm doing the second layer on the baseboards and windows and such myself, because he wants it to look good!!  A compliment!! I love it.  

So this is a preview ... and basically what it'll look like as far as colors go.  

So it isn't like I was lazy or anything, I was just using my time, energy and effort on accomplishing something different.  

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Here I go again... bawling like a baby...

Okay, now that I'm completely bawling like a baby, I need to just put some thoughts down, before the moment passes.

Why? Well, I just started following a blog the other day that I was made aware of through another friend. A sad sad, tale they have been living the last few days, has ended tragically.

I don't know these people, but my heart is aching and grieving with them right now. Why?? Because they are suffering the loss of their little 18 month old baby girl. It's amazing how the time we have here on earth can be completely changed by one little event. It's amazing how a little girl has been able to touch so many lives in such a short amount of time.

The parents have (or at least to me) seemed to set such a great example of faith and love that I can only wish to attain in this lifetime.  And one of relying on the Lord, and thanking and looking to him in such hard times.  They are definitely grounded in the Gospel of Jesus Christ!!  They know who they are... and sometimes I'm still wondering ... sad, but true. 
I can't imagine the pain and heartache it is to lose a child, let alone at such a young age. It seriously makes me want to stop sweating the small stuff, and just really get down to the nuts and bolts of life.

You know making sure the important things that keep everything else running smoothly and relationships staying vibrant and healthy are in place.

A serious reminder to take time to appreciate my children and make sure that they know I love them. To let my friends know that I care, and love them. To make sure family members know how I really feel.

To make sure that I'm seriously living my life the best I can so that when I am out of time, that I am looked upon as a good person. So that when others remember me... they think of positiveness and love. Something I'm not always so great at.

Remember to cherish your family!! You don't want to live with regrets.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Sneek Peek of Celeste

I'm having so much fun photographing these sweet babies that are only days or weeks old.  I just
can't help but think that they just came down from Heavenly Father.....
They are so sweet and precious and yes they CRY, and need to be FED, and get TIRED so they
SLEEP, and after they are FED they POOP, and they CRY some more,  All just facts of life,
but they are all part of these little babies.  They have dry flaky skin, splotchy red faces, sometimes they
are bruised and alien looking... but one thing I can't ever forget is how SPECIAL they are.

And the other thing I can't forget is the awesome families that these little children are born into.  People who
love them, and care for them and always want what's best for them.  So without further random life talk ...

HERE IS CELESTE she is two weeks old, and definitely a beauty!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Our second celebration.... for anniversary number 12

This is LONG without pictures... if you get bored easily just skip this.

A lot has happened recently... some good some bad, and some I'd just rather plain forget about.

We went as a family to celebrate our Anniversary of becoming a family (meaning our marriage anniversary) on the 26th of June.

We decided that after Thomas's t-ball game that morning we would head up to Salt Lake area and hit up some of the "baseball" card shops that Chris had looked up a while back. We had a mapquest map and everything, and had planned to go to a certain restaurant for lunch with the family.

You see this restaurant used to be in Orem just 10 minutes from us. Up until the place closed several years ago. This of course, made our family sad because we couldn't frequent it very much anymore.

Yeah, we still went but only when we were driving 40 minutes plus in the car to do other things... and well, just not as convenient to drive home that far after eating.

The place was/is called Super Salad... if you like Salad this is the place to go!! Not kidding!!

So are day started out with a t-ball game that Thomas played in, followed by coming home and Chris doing a few things and within an hour or two we were ready to leave.

First stop was to go to the restaurant that was shown to be near all the card shops we wanted to check out. No such luck. The place had gone out of business or moved, whatever the case it wasn't there anymore.

Now I'm dealing with 5 children saying how hungry they are and need to eat right now or they would DIE. Oh the dramatics of those creatures.

So we decided to head to Sweet Tomatoes instead, I had a coupon in the car and it showed that within a mile from our current location was a store. We found the store no problem... only we did have a problem. The parking lot was EMPTY. Notta car anywhere... Strange. Because it was lunch time.

Found a not taped to the door that said something like.. Closed for Emergency repairs ...please enjoy visit our other location (one we've been to before, but not really close). Great Strike 2.

So we proceeded to head to the other location, which we knew how to get to. Got there and were able to eat no problem.

The girls noticed a guy that looked like "Robby Ray" from Hannah Montana, sitting in the restaurant and were getting all girly about it... they were kind of funny.

I had to go to the bathroom area, and unknown to me, as I was standing up this guy was getting up from across the room and we started walking in the same direction.

Now, don't go getting all crazy -- YET. I knew what my girls were thinking about this guy, and couldn't help but start giggling, and then he bumped into me as we passed. Accidental of course, but I couldn't stop laughing. Needless to say the girls thought it was funny. And so did I. (Sure wish I would have taken a picture DANG!!)

So after lunch....

We headed to the first card shop... NO LUCK... Second one.... out of business.... third one.... (I can't remember...oh wait, it was in the basement of someone's house, so we weren't going to stop there) Found the 4th one, but they already closed for the day. Found the last one, and had a hard time finding it... call the number and find out the business is still a viable business, except the owner was out of town for a family emergency for a few weeks....

Can you say BUM DEAL???

Although, we were able to go and visit with his sister and her family for a few minutes. So it wasn't a complete loss.
We would have visited with some other friends but knew they were out of town, so we didn't even try.
So we stopped at Target near Chris's work and looked at baseball cards there instead. And of course, he bought a few packs.