Monday, December 13, 2010

Status Updates...

Okay I couldn't resist!!  I am linking up with Emmy Mom again today for this Status Quote meme.  To find out more head over HERE 

A little info... basically you just gather some fun, interesting, or strange status updates that you've seen around facebook and put them on the blog.  This could get quite interesting and fun.  So make sure you go and join up at the link above!!   And you keep the quotes totally anonymous if you like and no one has to know who said them.   You pick those that you saw for the past month, but since I just found out about this, it's from the last week or so.  Now I'll keep my eyes out for the next one, when I'll be prepared. 

"Headaches...suck! :("    AMEN TO THAT!! 

"So...most people begin their family home evenings with a prayer. Ours usually starts with a time out."  (And too bad it's a time out for Dad!  Tell me about it, luckily most of ours start rather smoothly just wish they would start more quickly)

"screw it - we're going out to dinner . . . note to other moms - do not turn your back on your three year old when he is "helping" you make dinner without insuring that all containers of spices are off the counter!" (Dinner error or night I look for any excuse to eat out.  Just wish I had enough $$ to support the habit)

"Baby Bear is 3 weeks old/young today. In other words, it's been three weeks since I got anything (not directly baby related) done. Nice."  (I wish that I had that as my excuse for not doing anything)

"I'm in love with a stripper......too bad I don't know any!!! LOL"   (I'm speechless... on a total random comment that made me laugh)

" If at first you do succeed..... Try something harder.
If at first you don't succeed.... Skydiving isn't for you."  ( Yeah, so make sure you've TRIED everything else you want to before you try skydiving ... you know ... just in case)

" I believe that Santa is a woman"  (Really who does most of the work anyway?? Hmm?? )

" I would totally be the type of husband that would come home from work and say "what have you been doing all day? And where's dinner?" Thank goodness my husband is NOT that kind of guy!"   (Makes me wonder what type I'd be.... ahhh who cares I'm home time to relax.) 

" The 4 Stages of Life:
1) You believe in Santa
2) You don't believe in Santa
3) You ARE Santa
4) You LOOK like Santa "    ( So much truth to this one ! I think I'm sitting at #3) which also supports the earlier comment that Santa is a woman so I fit this doubly so.

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