Thursday, July 11, 2013


So I know that many people have probably stopped in at their local 7-eleven store and picked up their free small slurpee.   Well we were no exception.  

After I headed to the school for the last day of the summer lunches (that are free for the kids) I drove over to our 7-eleven and surprisingly the lines weren't very long at all.   So I was in line with my SIX kids to get our slurpees. 

We waited less then five minutes in line and ended up with 7 tasty slurpees and six balloons!  

Now I told my kids that I wanted them to pose for a picture before they all took off in their own directions once we got home.   When I take pictures of my kids I am mostly all about the candid shots.   So I don't get too technical and I'm not always checking for "merging" items in the shot.  It's not always composed very well but it's a memory.  And this picture is a prime example... I was laughing when I looked at this first one.  
 Now this second one I actually took first and I think it's one I'm going to be laughing at for years to come as well. I love my little Esther's stance, and the look on her face.  
So we hope you all had a fun 7-eleven/free slurpee day like we did.