Wednesday, April 4, 2012

We've been a little MIA ....

I've been trying to access blogger from Internet Explorer and have nothing but problems.  So after weeks of being frustrated I've gone to Firefox... and guess what ???    It's letting me do a new post!!  YAY!!! 

Might not be a big deal to any of you, but to me, it's HUGE!!!   So many days I've wanted to blog about something but because I wasn't able to access it at the time, it's gone to the back of my priority list. 

So here's a family update: 

Chris.... still busy working as an accountant at his job, and he's been there for almost 7 years come this July.

Wendy .... taking on the yearbook project for the school our children currently attend and has announced this is the last year she'll be doing it.  

(We've now lived in our home for 11 years!!  As of the beginning of March) and now we're in the process of doing an addition.  Next step.... either test for asbestos and lead and/or  find someone to draw up our plans for the addition that we'd like to do.   We'll get back to that after our little rendezvous in California to see my brother get married.  

Kaylee ... She's less than a month away from turning 13!!!  I seriously can't believe it!   And if you get a moment and know my daughter  --- we're creating a surprise book for her at the end of the month and any advice, memories, favorite book lists, recipes  -- really anything you'd like to share with her that she might know how many people are pulling for her and support her, that she can refer to over and over again through the next several years would be awesome.   Remember SHHHHH!!!!! 

But she's also involved with an after school ballroom class and loves doing that.  She's also really great with her baby sister.

Katherine.... She's also involved with the after school ballroom class, and has a really fun time with that.  She also loves to read!  She's reading all the time, I sometimes have to force a book out of her hands just to get her to come help me with dinner.

Heidi ... Just finished up performing a one night program talking about the history of Utah with the rest of the 4th grade students at her school.  And is finally participating in a sport --- soccer!  She picked it and asked if she could play and we agreed.  So now, I'm quickly trying to learn all about soccer because I don't know very much.  But the good thing is, she's a rather natural player and is doing good as a forward. She's pretty aggressive with it and we're looking forward to seeing her grow in this sport.

Thomas ... Now 7 years old and has been since January is busy playing soccer as well.  He's a different kind of  player than Heidi and seems to be geared more as a defensive player.  And his reading has been improving a great deal as we've been reading scriptures regularly now for nearly 2 months.

Ethan ... He is so ANXIOUS and gives an "evil" laugh every day when he counts down how many more days until his birthday.  (April 10)  We dyed eggs for Easter the other night and he got so wowed by the simplest things and get really excited.  I love seeing how he thinks about those around him and the things around him. He's constantly asking questions and learning lots.

Esther ... Nearly 7 months old has reached so many milestones this last month.  She's crawling and sitting up on her own, she claps her hands, eating food more regularly, she's starting to sit up while in her bed, and sleeps on her tummy.   My favorite thing that she does lately, she gets her hands on the floor and has her feet on the floor with her bum in the air and then she puts her head on the floor between her hands as if to do a somersault.  She's getting so big so fast and I'm trying to soak up every moment of it.

We've been without our cable subscription for nearly 2 months and it's been AWESOME!!  As a couple Chris and I are becoming closer and we're a team all the way!  We're reading scriptures as a family and I can tell a difference in attitudes.  However, with all the good things, we still have some night owls -- yes, you know the kind, the ones who don't want to go to bed.  Yeah, we're working on that still.   So there's a little update on us.  And more posts to come with pictures later.