Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 2012

Christmas 2012

We’ve had another busy year attending soccer and t-ball games, dance performances, and band concerts. We decided to switch schools this year and all the children are in our local public schools, and have all adjusted rather nicely and are making friends.   I think we’ve all enjoyed watching our little Esther continue to grow and develop more skills.  We were excited when she started walking while Wendy’s parents were in town to share the moment with our family.  The biggest change happened in August when Chris was called to be the 2nd counselor in the bishopric in our ward.  It’s been an adjustment but one in which we are noticing the blessings. Wendy has been dabbling more and more into photography and really enjoys it.  As the New Year approaches it is our goal to keep the family blog more updated so you can keep up and catch our latest happenings there.  Here’s the blog address:  http://cwrfamily.blogspot.com.  

Kaylee:  13 years old  
  1. She’s in 8th grade and is a teenager now.
  2. She’s playing clarinet in band at school
  3. She loves to read.  
Katherine:  12 years old   
  1. Likes sewing, and is a quick learner.  
  2. Just made the Intermediate dance team for her school starting in January. 
  3. She’s in 7th grade this year.

Heidi:   10 years old
  1. She has braces on just her two front teeth.
  2. She’s in 5th grade..
  3. Played spring soccer and loved it!  

Thomas:  7 years old.
  1. In 2nd grade this year. Turns 8 in Jan.
  2. T-ball and Spring Soccer 
  3. Still loves to find projects to help out with around the neighborhood.   
Ethan:  5 years old
1.        T-ball for the first time.
2.        Can make his little sister laugh like crazy.
3.        Started PM kindergarten this year.
Esther: (1 year old)
1.        Loves to look at books.
2.        Walks all over the place. And loves to climb on chairs.
3.        LOVES FRUIT especially bananas!

Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year

With Love,
Chris & Wendy Randolph  
And Family

From the Mouths of Babes 2012

While Ethan was cleaning up his blocks he realized they weren't all there, so Wendy looked around the room and pointed out at least three that she could see. Wendy said, “There’s one over by the swing, one under the desk chair, one by the breast pump." Ethan went to the closest one, which was by the swing and then he shot up and ran across the room and said very enthusiastically, “Where’s the gas pump?"

One morning Wendy had cut up a lot of fresh fruit; pineapple, cantaloupe, strawberries, green and red grapes. So the kids were enjoying the fruit, and then Ethan (our then 4 year old) says, “Yay, it's a fruit day!" and then quickly popped a pretzel in his mouth.

Heidi was getting a drink of water and said, “I’m getting hibernated"

Our son Ethan, started eating one of those drumstick ice cream cones, and was told to go to the front porch to eat it, a few seconds later he comes in the front door and says he needs to go to the bathroom. And he isn't holding onto his ice cream cone. And Wendy asked him where it was.... he points to the planter box sitting on our porch. He just jabbed the pointed end of the cone into the soil and let it stand there.

So Ethan and Wendy were playing "I Spy" -- and Wendy was naming the colors of something for him to figure out. So she said, “I spy something that is red, white, blue and has some orange." He so confidently and in a sweet voice said, "My eyes".

This weekend Chris and Thomas have been busy working hard outside, and in the process have been replacing a few sprinkler heads, and Wendy went out to check on them one time and told Thomas that he had been a good worker, and then he said, "Yep, Dad and I know how to get dirty!"

Heidi was coming into the living room using a slightly loud upset/whiny voice and kind of stomping her feet, “Kaylee’s hiding things from me that are rightfully HERS!"  Katherine and Wendy cracked up laughing.

Ethan said after waiting patiently for more than 10 minutes while Dad and Mom were visiting with a friend they saw outside as they began their walk, “Mom you said we were going on a walk, NOT A TALK!"

Kaylee says, “I have homework that's due tomorrow and I don't want to do it." Wendy said, “Well then you better get on it soon." Kaylee says, “But I don't know how to do it." And Thomas comes into the room and says rather loudly, "Welcome to my world Kaylee!" Katherine cracked up laughing.

Thomas woke up this morning and asked if he had to go to school. Wendy said, "Um.... Yes!” And then he said, "But it's Esther's birthday, I don't want to miss it!"

Ethan came up to Wendy and said, "Mom, I can make a noise that sounds like a pig, and a lion". She said, "Really?" Ethan made the sound (which sounded exactly as he described it) and then Wendy said, "Wow that's awesome!” He came back with, "And impressive!"

While in the a hall at school one day Wendy and Ethan hear a strange animal sounding noise coming from the girl’s bathroom, and Ethan starts laughing and said, “Whoa! Is there an elephant in there?” 

Ethan was eating crackers on Wendy’s seat in the van while she was busy volunteering with traffic duty one morning, and Wendy said, "Why did you eat crackers up here, and get crumbs everywhere? You are such a stinker!" He said, "You mean, Brat?"

Wendy noticed that our son, Thomas, had his hair wet and had combed it more toward the side, rather than his normal "forward" style. Wendy asked him if he was trying to comb it more to the side now. And he responded with, “Yes, I'm trying to look extra genius."

After running into our Bishop at Costco, Thomas held up his hand like a "Vulcan". And he asks the Bishop if anything looks familiar about his hands. The Bishop says, “Are your fingers Vulcan?" Thomas replies with, “No, my fingers aren't broken!"

Ethan was playing with Esther, our 1 year old, and they were playing "blanket train". What is it? He has a blanket on the floor, she gets on it and sits or lies down and then he gently pulls it across the floor and she laughs!

While in a grocery store Thomas and Wendy were looking for some pizza sauce. It's a store they are not too familiar with, and he knows we like to buy generic if possible. So as they are looking, Wendy says “I don't know where it is." And Thomas says, “Are we looking for the genetic kind?"

Wendy said, “I guess we should get your coats ready to wear since it's so cold outside." Ethan said, “It’s a good thing I'm fluffy then!" Wendy said, "You mean a fluffy ostrich?" (He has been pretending to be an ostrich lately) He said, "Yeah!" Heidi says, "It's a good thing your a Randolph" and Ethan replied, “No, I'm a Fluffdolph!"