Saturday, January 1, 2011

A trip to the WILD SIDE....

OH wow!!! Here we are starting the year 2011!! I can't hardly believe it!!

And before I forget I just want to wish my SPUNKY fun Grandma a Happy Birthday !! For today is her birthday and I hate that I'm so far away and can't spend the day with her. But I can call her, and that will happen just shortly.

But last year my family was able to celebrate her 7th decade with her. And she's such a fun lady, and she rolls with the punches!! My dad bought her some "dainty panties" for her birthday as a gag gift last year. Everyone knew about it except for her.

She even modeled the panties on right there before our eyes.
Now don't go getting all grossed out on me before I finish telling the story.

After the undies were tossed around the house at everyone, and my Grandmother with a beat read face of embarrassment and almost having the time of her life with her family around her, I couldn't help but take the picture below. Here's to all the FUN Grandma's and Great Grandma's out there. Live a little on the WILD SIDE.

I'm so wishing that I could be with her again today, so we could pull another prank on her.


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