My Journey

Here is my story dealing with the loss of my sweet husband Christopher David Randolph.  

Suffering a Great Loss    (2.5 Weeks out)

Knocking on the Window   (2.5 Weeks out)

The Beginnings of a very LONG Journey   (Almost 3 weeks out)

Longest Three Weeks of My Life So Far  (3 Weeks)

Dear God, Was that Really Necessary?    (1 Month)

A Fairytale or Not a Fairytale that is?    (1 Month 1 day)

Eternal Love  (Nearly 5 weeks) 

My First Christmas Eve (Nearly 6 weeks) 

Tonight I want to SCREAM (2 months 3 days)

You Might have thought we were crazy 

I want to fix this problem

When Destiny Calls

4 Months Out  (4 months out)

Happy Easter (almost 5 months out)

I've made it 9 plus months as a widow (9.5 months out)

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  1. Wendy, I am so sorry this has happened to you!!! It is amazing though to read your story and see that through all of this your FAITH is still so firm and unyielding. You are an example and encouragement. I wish we still lived close so I could do something to help.