Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our Christmas Story... Part 1


Oh my what a weekend!!

All my "plans" of getting the house all clean for Christmas ... well, lets just say I'm going to start now to get a jump before next year. (A pun is intended).

I had the boys bedroom spotless... by Christmas morning the livingroom was decent, the dishes were done on Thursday and then Friday... and Saturday we spaced doing the dishes. So that was one disappointing failed gift to my husband. (Sorry babe, one of these years I'll have it perfect -- just don't give up on me)

We were just a few minutes away from having all the "you know what stuff" done on Christmas Eve, when what to my wondering eye would appear a sick 3 year old little boy, who had just thrown up in his sisters bedroom, and now just wanted his mommy.

So my plans of getting to bed within a fem minutes were now pushed back (little did I then know by how long). So after cleaning up the puke mess he just wanted to snuggle and be with me. (Don't get me wrong I did feel truly blessed and honored that he wanted me in his little miserable moment) So I stop any further action for a while.

I kept watching the clock, and notice the time kept ticking on. I kept trying to ask for it to stop, but if I couldn't get that I at least wanted it to slow down. SLOW WAY DOWN. No such luck. I was able to get away about 30 minutes later, and tried to do a few more things. And BAM-O he pukes up on the blanket I like to use, and gets onto the sheets... seriously this isn't funny. It's like 1 in the morning, and now I'm not sure what to do, because I can't find the extra King size sheet in the linen "armoire" closet. So I just pile a doubled over sheet on top of the "wetness" after I've sanitized the spot, and had the little guy go into his room to sleep.

He start feeling yucky again, like IMMEDIATELY. So, I just happened to have a "puke" bucket with me and he starts doing his business into the bucket. Poor creature... he was looking so pale after the first time, that now he looked a little worse.

He just wanted to snuggle some more. So back to my bed to lay down and snuggle to help him feel better. (Cause you all know that's what mom's do best. Help their sick people feel better) I'm starting to doze off on my bed, while A Christmas Story is on marathon mode on TBS and I kept startling awake realizing that Santa hadn't quite made it to our home yet.

All this while the little kid was laying awake, while the fully exhausted and frustrated mother was nodding off wishing she could go to sleep. (Okay so I'm that mother) And all this happened while he was wearing his brand new Phineas and Ferb (A Disney Cartoon) pj's he just opened a few hours earlier. He was so upset and said, how he hated to throw up, and didn't want to throw up. He was so sad looking. All I could do was agree, and love him.

So he finally agrees to lay there while I stepped out. I commenced to let Santa in and leave his gifts for each of the children. Had the living room looking good, the stockings were ready, but not hung, as we have no way to hang them.

It was exhausting... I tell you.

I finally head back into my room, nervous to death to move the little sicky boy in fear that he'd wake up and feel the need to gross me out some more. So I left him on my bed, and just lay down beside him. All the while Chris was laying on the other side of the bed, and was fast and sound asleep. Mummified in our comforter, and the one blanket I liked to use had just been messed on and in line for a bath in the washing machine. So I grabbed a few little "throw" blankets, slept in my clothes to keep warm and slept till I heard the kidlets come into the room around 7:00 am. WOW...already?!

He was so kind to wake up to their craziness, and I told him what he needed to know, but he told the kids to let me sleep because I had a rough night with Ethan. I couldn't sleep knowing how excited the kids were, so I told him that I'd be okay and I could just get a nap later. He said, for me to just lay there he had a few things to take care of. So there I laid under the orders of the man I married. I really tried to go to sleep again, but I had a hard time. A little while later, Katherine came running in, and said that Daddy was ready.... (I think I was asleep when she came in and said that ... because I replied with give me 5 - 10 minutes and I'll be out there.


Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry CHRISTmas !!!

I just wanted to share our Christmas letter this year.  I have a few new ideas to revamp our letter this next year.  Be sure to keep in touch and let us know how you are doing as well. If you can't quite read what it says, click on the picture and then you'll be able to click again to zoom in even more.  We hope that your family is having a great and merry Christmas Season.   May you all be safe, and have fun celebrating with family and friends!! 

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Some of my favorite snow pictures from the other day!!!  These ones just crack me up!!
We built a snow man as well, but after looking outside to see him, his poor head is melting off his body. 

Ethan saw the tramp had gotten cleared off, and then he said, "I'm gonna go jump on the tramp!"  The funnier thing is, it didn't even occur to me that this wasn't quite jump on the tramp weather till I saw him on the tramp jumping with his SNOW BOOTS on!  It really was quite funny!!

 Thomas was having fun throwing snow balls at his oldest sister Kaylee, and one time she was sitting on the ground getting ready to throw one at him , and he just walked on over and well the rest is history.

And here is Ethan cracking me up again, but he was trying to clear the snow with the RAKE.  Our extremely broken rake. But we hold on to it, because it fits in between our rose bushes rather well with it broken like that.   Have a swell day!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

My surprise Saturday....

What a whirlwind of a week, and weekend!! Oh my.

So a few months ago, I asked if I could go along on a wedding photo shoot, and go as a "Second Shooter". I knew the photographer, and she liked the idea. I was excited, and looked forward to it.

Well, yesterday (Dec 16th) I was informed that I might be the only photographer going at all. WHAT?? Are you kidding me?? No way?? (She's due to have her baby in two weeks, and was having some contractions and decided to play it safe)

Talk about being put on the spot. I've never photographed a wedding in this capacity before and just really hoped I could do some justice to the bride and grooms special day.

Well, not only was this my first wedding, but the drive about and hour and 40 minutes one way was LONG, and I don't think I ever turned off my windshield wipers the whole time. It was crazy.

I felt very nervous and excited all at once. Probably more nervous then excited!

I got to the temple with what I thought was a few minutes to spare. (I was waiting around another 45 minutes or so before they came out of the temple)

I watched bride after bride with their grooms come out of the temple today. They were all gorgeous and beautiful!!

I was getting more nervous as the time went on, but I felt relieved when I finally saw familiar faces come out of the temple. AND had to make SURE they knew that I was totally being put on the spot. I wasn't ready for this by any means.

But I think I captured a few great shots that I hope they'll cherish forever.

So here are a few shots ....


So now I will go lay down, and call it a night...(I actually saved this and came back to it just now -- so it's not night time any longer)   and look at these some more later.  These aren't even MY favorites. Okay maybe one of them is listed in "my favorites" but there are more.   Next time I "shoot" a wedding I really want to just be the "Understudy" and not take the lead role with such little notification.  And Elisha.... I'd really have loved to have you be there and learn from you, rather then pretending I knew what was up.  But I do understand why. Thanks for agreeing to let me do this in the first place as a second shooter.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wordful Wednesday.... See I have proof !!!

We have fun things going on at school this week.  Yesterday (Monday the 12th) was Crazy Sock and Holiday Hat day.  So I went early before school was out and managed to get a few pictures of some cute kids wearing their holiday hats!! 
 Of course, there is my son ... who is in Kindergarten this year!!
 Ethan and Heidi in the halls at school. 

And I have proof that I finally was able to get some decent pictures of my kids 
with Santa at the ward party a week and half ago!! It was awesome. But of course, 
this was the first year that the older two opted to sit out.  Oh well.
 Ethan --- Age 3 1/2
 Thomas --- age (ALMOST 6 on January 8th)
And here's Heidi --- age 8

It really is fun to hear the kids tell "SANTA" what they want for Christmas. Sometimes they get lucky...
and sometimes they don't.  

Which reminds me.... When Ethan was sitting on Santa's lap this year he told Santa that he 
wanted "CRISS CROSS CRASH" for Christmas (It's a Hot Wheels thing)

So later Chris was asking Ethan, "What if Santa doesn't bring it to you for Christmas, but instead 
brings it to you for your birthday?"  
And Ethan thought about it, and then said, "DOOFUS!"   in a playful tone of course.  But it was almost like he was saying... yeah right.  Of course, I'll get it for Christmas...  well I guess we'll have to wait and see what Santa brings this little boy.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Status Updates...

Okay I couldn't resist!!  I am linking up with Emmy Mom again today for this Status Quote meme.  To find out more head over HERE 

A little info... basically you just gather some fun, interesting, or strange status updates that you've seen around facebook and put them on the blog.  This could get quite interesting and fun.  So make sure you go and join up at the link above!!   And you keep the quotes totally anonymous if you like and no one has to know who said them.   You pick those that you saw for the past month, but since I just found out about this, it's from the last week or so.  Now I'll keep my eyes out for the next one, when I'll be prepared. 

"Headaches...suck! :("    AMEN TO THAT!! 

"So...most people begin their family home evenings with a prayer. Ours usually starts with a time out."  (And too bad it's a time out for Dad!  Tell me about it, luckily most of ours start rather smoothly just wish they would start more quickly)

"screw it - we're going out to dinner . . . note to other moms - do not turn your back on your three year old when he is "helping" you make dinner without insuring that all containers of spices are off the counter!" (Dinner error or night I look for any excuse to eat out.  Just wish I had enough $$ to support the habit)

"Baby Bear is 3 weeks old/young today. In other words, it's been three weeks since I got anything (not directly baby related) done. Nice."  (I wish that I had that as my excuse for not doing anything)

"I'm in love with a stripper......too bad I don't know any!!! LOL"   (I'm speechless... on a total random comment that made me laugh)

" If at first you do succeed..... Try something harder.
If at first you don't succeed.... Skydiving isn't for you."  ( Yeah, so make sure you've TRIED everything else you want to before you try skydiving ... you know ... just in case)

" I believe that Santa is a woman"  (Really who does most of the work anyway?? Hmm?? )

" I would totally be the type of husband that would come home from work and say "what have you been doing all day? And where's dinner?" Thank goodness my husband is NOT that kind of guy!"   (Makes me wonder what type I'd be.... ahhh who cares I'm home time to relax.) 

" The 4 Stages of Life:
1) You believe in Santa
2) You don't believe in Santa
3) You ARE Santa
4) You LOOK like Santa "    ( So much truth to this one ! I think I'm sitting at #3) which also supports the earlier comment that Santa is a woman so I fit this doubly so.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Quick Recap .... Part 1

So I can't believe this year is almost over.... I remember when it started and thinking it would be weird to write 2010 and here I am still not used to writing it (SERIOUSLY I STILL WRITE other random years) and the year is quickly coming to an end.

It's almost sad like, really.  If you think about it.  So much going on, time keeps on keeping on, and we, well we just keep getting on, and on in age.   I look back and realize I'm really grateful for a few things right now.  The fact that I have a little "gadget" (maybe a bit bigger then size little) but it takes pictures of things I want to remember.  Mind you it doesn't do this all by itself... however, that would be nice sometimes.   I have these photos to help me remember times past.  Because really if you are looking at a picture it's already in the past. Right?

Well, just so I don't forget, and you either, I want to do a quick recap of our January - March 2010. And I'm linking up with Emmy Mom with the 2010 REVIEW EXTRAVANGAZA!!
 There is a chance to win something so recap your first three months and join in the fun!!
I'll try and do this in just pictures, with a little explanation as needed.

We managed to take a trip to California for my mom's birthday.  
But more importantly my Grandma's birthday.  She turned 70!!

 While we were there visiting we also made a little afternoon trip 
to go see Great Falls near Trona, California.  I always heard about it, 
 but had never gone there myself. (Or not that I can remember).  
It sure beat sitting around Grandma and Grandpa Hill's house 
and not doing much of anything.

On our way home from this trip we stopped by the "FISH ROCKS" in the canyon near my parents
home.  These have been there forever. I remember being a kid and seeing them, and knew that when 
we passed them as we were heading home, we were almost there. 

 We came back home with a few days to spare before Thomas had his 5th birthday!  

 A few days later we met up with all of Chris's side of the family for a surprise party at Sizzler's for his Mom's 70th birthday.  My kids ended up getting so bored waiting that they decided to start laying all over the floor back in the corner.  Good thing we had our own little room.  (And here we are about to celebrate another birthday for her) 

For Thomas' birthday he got a remote control boat. Mind you his birthday was January 8th -- so it's cold, and snowy outside.  But on one of the "better" days we headed down to Spring Lake to test out his boat.  
And it works great!! We also were able to feed ducks too.

Here the kids are playing/working with the snow one day after school.

And who can forget my awesome time of going to Good Day Utah all headed up by my 
awesome friend Alexes.  Thanks again, it was great seeing you and visiting with you.

Katherine was in "Utah: This is the Place" program that the 4th grade puts on every year. 
And this was her turn.  We love going to support our kids in their activities. (She's the one 
on the far right of the picture as you are looking at it. )

We also had our first venture to Boondocks up in Layton, I think that's where it is. 
We were invited up for my niece's birthday, and my kids all got to go bowling and they had a blast. 
We were sad, however, because Ethan was sick, and couldn't come with us. So Chris stayed home 
with him and I took the kids to the party.  That's the one thing I'd have changed if I could. I always 
like it, when we are all together.

So there is a quick recap of our 
January - March 2010

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I spent some time at the POLICE DEPARTMENT

Okay so the other night I went to the local police department so I could get fingerprinted. Why? Well, I volunteer as a basketball coach for the girls in 7th and 8th grades. I really should have done this back when I was doing volleyball, but no one thought about it, and so consequentially I didn't know that I should either.

Well, I've known about this for a few weeks, but couldn't fit it in before Thanksgiving so I went down this last Monday night. Oh my gosh!

It was so crazy. There was this incredibly small cubicle of a waiting room, where seriously no "smells" escaped going noticed by anyone. And if speaking loudly there wasn't any chance on having a private conversation. 

There were about 6 or 7 chairs set up and all were taken by the time I walked in just a minute or two past the start time. So I checked in by signing the paper and paid the fee (by the way the school paid for this). I then waited while standing for some time.

I overheard several conversations some of which were completely a waste of my time. But what did it really matter because I had to wait already. But some of the stuff I heard went something like this...

Person A: Yeah, I have to get this done or I have to go to jail. But, I'm fine with doing the jail time, I just don't want to be gone during Christmas. So if they wait till January I'm okay with it.

A little later, Person A was called to the service window, and was asked to show her papers. She was there because of a court order.

Person A : I don't have that paper with me. I left it at home, because I couldn't find it. But I have to do this or my PO (parole officer) is sending me to jail. And I have A LOT of court papers at home and don't know where THIS one is. (Seriously what kind of history does this lady have?? Yikes)

Person B comes up to the window and says, can't you just copy the back of this, it's the same judge.

And a worker behind the desk speaks up and says, NO, that's called FRAUD.  And then person A speaks up, " Yeah I don't need anymore of those charges, I've got plenty."   And after this was said, and everyone could hear it, you could hear some stifled laughs. 

A little while later a man walked in and was very "homely" looking and smelled BAD!! Such as just smoked something that was nasty in smell, which was inducing the gag reflex in me, because it smelled so bad.  And remember this waiting area was like a 12 x 3 foot area.  It was rather rank at this time.  So I stepped out into the open foyer and got some fresh air.  But I wasn't the only one, and started conversing with this other couple that had gone out for fresh air as well.  We decided they should hold different nights and or days for those who are doing this for a job and those that are court ordered. Or rather, have a "non-smoking" and "smoking" locations.   Just saying

After a while longer I went back in, and by now, a few people have already been called back and some chairs were freed up, so I took one.  Should have brought a book with me, but I didn't think it would take so long to go though this process. Oh well, guess I know for next time.

Another couple of people came in, and I couldn't quite tell how the this lady knew or was related to the young man that she came in with, who was there to get fingerprinted.  Sometimes it seemed as if she was his mom, but I quickly ruled that out as she kept asking how his mom was?   hmmm.... maybe she was a step mom?? No, probably not.  An Aunt?? Maybe.   I don't know I never figured it out.  But this kid, was probably 19 or 20 and seem to have problems owing money somewhere, and had to appear in court for a traffic violation of some sort.  Not exactly sure. But this kid acted like he KNEW everything.  Yeah, you know the kind. Talk as if they are experts on everything and everyone.  He is a basketball player, but not currently on a team. He's hoping to play for Dixie next year.  And he was asked about certain girls that he knew and told what he thought.  And blah blah blah.... I was getting slightly annoyed with this kid and his way of thinking.  Along with the other people that just didn't seem to "have it together". Or lacked some major common sense. 

So next time I find myself in this situation... A) bring a book.  B) Bring the ipod C) Bring pen and paper and take notes on the "funny dumb" things these people say, and then create a book from it. Simply for the entertainment purposes of other people.   And no worries names will be changed to protect the innocent... oh wait.... guess I don't need to worry about that. 

But seriously, I have a knack for people watching and observing.  So don't think I'm stalking you if you see me quiet in a room and not really talking.  Because I can guarantee you that observing you won't last beyond this one visit,  unless we happen to run into each other again.  And then just know I'm taking notes on just what you are saying that I find quite funny.  And if you are lucky, if it is funny, you might get a laugh out of me. And then you'll know I was watching you.  Bwahahaha...

And next time I am in this situation .... I think I need a candle just to smell so I can rid my nostrils and memory of such foul odors as a nasty "cigarette' smell, or someone's B.O. who just got released from Jail. 

Oh my... sometimes I wish I could find out why and how a person's thinking takes place.

**please note, I don't say this stuff to make it seem like I am PERFECT.  Because I'm not, at least I'm not all the time.  

Thursday, December 2, 2010

I love Ethan.... (the others too)

So lately Ethan has been going to nursery (his class he goes to at church on Sundays it's for those kids who are 18 months - 3 years old).  It's been great, he doesn't cry or scream or throw a fit anymore when it's time to go.  He loves it! And I love that he loves it!!  They have someone come in and do singing time with these adorable little kids, and just recently they had a picture with a face.  You hold it one way it's a sad face, and the other is happy.

Well there is also a song that goes with this particular picture.  It's so cute to hear him sing it, and refer to this song as "my song".  And that he can't sing it unless he is holding his picture.  Here are the words:

If you chance to meet a frown, 
do not let it stay.  
Quickly turn it upside down and smile that frown away. 

No one likes a frowning face, 
change it for a smile. 
Make the world a better place by smiling all the while.

It is such a simple little song with a cute little tune, but is packed with probably the greatest lesson for most human beings to learn.  And now I find myself reminded of this song from when I was in Primary (the class for the kids ages 4 - 11,   in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints ).  When I'm finding myself getting upset and frustrated those words are popping into my head ALL the time now.  And it's getting easier to ignore  LISTEN to them and change my attitude.  You know they always say you learn things from your kids and lately that is exactly what's been happening in my house.  Thank You Ethan for teaching REMINDING me of something I learned a long time ago.

I also can't get over how cute he sounds with his cute little boy voice, and the amazing smile that is plastered on his face when he sings this happy little song.

Here's a link to the song if you want to take a listen.