Monday, January 31, 2011

I can't believe I've never mentioned this yet....

Okay so back in DECEMBER... yeah a few months ago and even as far as last year!!

Well our little Heidi girl wanted to get something special done. A something special that we've reserved for our girls to decide if they want to do or not when they turn 8 years old. The other two girls decided to do this special thing when they turned 8 and Heidi wanted to be just like them!!
 Here she looks a little ... I'm not sure.
 Trying to "FREAK OUT" at just getting her earlobes cleaned. 

 Looking for the perfect spot on each ear to make the "DOTS". 

  The anticipation is "killing" her!

And on 3.... they "shoot" the piercing guns at the same time!

 For an instant she thought about throwing a fit, but as soon as 
she was handed the mirror to see the AFTER... 


She got an instant SMILE on her face!! She really liked 
the earrings!!
And here we have an AFTER picture of the left ear. 

I post this now, because she's been anxiously counting down the 
days till she can change the piercing studs for some other kinds of 
earrings.  And that's coming up really soon... I'd be more pricise but she's 
in bed and I don't remember exactly. But I do believe it is sometime this 
week.  And Chris watched Heidi get her ears pierced this time since in the 
past he always had to stay home with the other kids. But this year we had 
Kaylee stay home and watch the boys while we took Heidi and Katherine 
with us to do this "special" thing with Heidi.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A little rambling....

Okay seriously who wants to DONATE a new computer??? I need a new one!! I have so many projects I need to do. We've maxed out the memory on this one, and it barely functions. I can't save anything new to this computer and can't quite convince Chris to go buy a new one yet. He was rearing and ready around Christmas time but now.... he's backed off. Not sure why!!??

So the number one item right now on my wish list is a

1. A new computer ---- with lots of RAM and great for using photoshop and doing things like digi-scrapping.

2. An external hard drive to go along with that.

3. A new bed!! Ours is terrible at the moment.

4. A newer (not brand brand new) and bigger house to fit our family more comfortably and be able to invite others over and not feel so strapped for space or bathroom usage.

But for now, we'll just continue living with what we have until we can afford something on our list.

So for now the computer item is my biggest source of frustration.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Upcoming Review... from CSN stores.

Long week!!!

I have lots I could blog about but first ...  An EXCITING opportunity has been presented to me.
I was contacted back in mid December by someone on the promotions team of CSN stores. Asking if I'd be interested in doing a review on one of their products. I've taken a look at all three of their store sites, and am excited to pick a product to review. It could be something like any of their wall art and decor items.  Or  it could be any of their numerous kitchen gadgets that they carry. And any number of other items as well. So go ahead and visit this site and when I get the item I'll be sure and let you know the rest of the info.  So look forward to my review of whatever it is that I choose in the next month or two.  Because I'm not sure how soon I'll get the item(s).  I'm excited though!!! 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Lessons on Service and a "near Death" experience.

**Okay so not so much a Near Death experience, but definitely a learning experience.

I have to say I think I'm trying to make a better resolve this year to make a note about each day. I find it incredibly hard to keep track of this in a journal as I used to with the traditional pen and paper. But using this blog as my way of keeping a record of the journey's, big and small, that we go on is so much easier.

We had the opportunity tonight to help clean the building we attend church at. My thoughts of this at first, when my husband said he had signed us up, were "are you crazy... the kids aren't going to want to do this, and they'll just whine and blah blah blah...."

But I do have to give him credit, he picked a great night, because not only did we sign up but, at least 3-4 other families were there as well to help clean the building. And my kids were all EXCITED for this opportunity. As we've only done this one other time back in the summer, they were ready to take a turn again.
And someone or some company had come in and shampooed the carpets so that eliminated the need for all the vacuuming to be done. SU-WEET!

So it worked out rather nicely to have this be our family night doing service at the church building.

Bonus: we were back at home in time to get the first phase of kids into bed, but it was meant with much resistance. I on the other hand, and finding myself ready to crash by 8pm myself, and wish I could. Because then I wouldn't find myself
catching that second wind that will cause me to stay awake really late. And then have problems functioning on the marrow.

I'm glad that we can find some opportunities in life to help teach our kids about service. About doing something for nothing in return, except the feeling one gets when you do something good. It's amazing how FUN, they think it is when it doesn't involve doing there own chores in our home. While that will probably be an ongoing teaching moment till they leave our home, I'm glad that I can have small moments like this to teach them other important necessities.

And on a side note: we left Heidi here at home while we were two blocks away because she didn't want to go, and she had homework she needed to finish. So we allowed her to stay, and she asked if she could play our "nintendo" system (the old school version). I said as long as her homework was done. Well we came home and she was BAWLING like a baby, because the TV had fallen of the entertainment system when she was trying to turn the TV slightly to plug in the cards in the back of the TV, only the TV somehow got moved to far, and she was inexperienced in doing this, and the TV was screen down on the floor.

I was worried about her, but she ended up being fine, and I think all the crying was because she almost broke the TV. I think, that she thought, she really did brake the TV. But it all still works, so it looks as if we'll still be a while longer before we acquire a nice flat screen that can be mounted onto a wall.

But at least she wasn't hurt. But the look in her eyes and the tears rolling down her cheeks really made me sad for her. So, lesson learned on my part, that either she doesn't stay by herself anymore, or I plug in the machine before I leave. And we need to teach her how to call her Dad's cell phone.

What a Monday.
So tell me what did you do for your Family Night??

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bitter/Sweet Milestones ....

Okay this mama was about to cry today! 


Well my little boy who is turning 4 in April started in Primary today.

And for me that is a HUGE bittersweet milestone for me.

It means he's getting older and can do more things, but it also means he's not my little baby anymore. He still likes to snuggle with me, which I'll gladly take a time out from my schedule to spend with him snuggling.

I had to seriously hold back the tears today, because that's how I roll. 
I get emotional, and I love my kids and knowing that he's 
the last one makes everything else that much harder to go
through with him. I'm trying not to cry right now while I'm making this note.

I thought he was going to have a rough transition from nursery, where they 
get to play with toys, and have a snack, to going to Sunbeams, where they don't get
to play with toys, and they don't get a snack. 

During Sacrament meeting I saw him acting up and getting all grumpy like, as he was before 
church.  He claimed he didn't want to go to Primary because there wasn't any toys in Sunbeams. 
Luckily as it was time for Primary to start, he went without any problems.  Afterwards, I asked him how 
he liked it, and he said, " It was good, but they don't have snack! And I like having a snack!"

Looks like we'll have an okay time, I just wish the same good fortune to the other **families that have
a child going into Primary for the first time.  ** You know who you are.  
Now we're off to see what other adventures we 
face for the next year / phase of our life. 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

April - June 2010 RECAP

 Well here's a quick recap for what happened April -June. Mind you not everything is in chronological order.
I was too lazy to get it all straightened out.  I was more concerned with actually getting this down on "paper". 

Boys being boys or is it bunnies??

April 10, we celebrated Ethan's 3rd birthday.
                                    And we decided to take the kids swimming at the REC center.

Ethan's 3rd Birthday. With his Little Einstein's home made birthday cake.

This summer right after school was out we headed to California for a week to visit with family. In that time 
we made a day trip to see the ocean and let the kids play on the beach.  It was a really fun time.
On the way home to Utah we stopped in Mesquite Nevada to visit with some friends.

Ethan learning how to put on his jacket.  Well, almost.
Egg dying fun around our kitchen table.

Kids continuing to learn to work together
This was EASTER SUNDAY where we lived. Luckily the Easter Bunny 
was smart enough to hide the eggs in the livingroom.


Got in on some way awesome deals !! 

BEFORE my haircut that my awesome friend Brenda gave to me. 
And here I am AFTER ....
The day that will forever change my life... well in a different way than 
what getting married, or having children changed my life. This here is my 
new camera!!  (April 24th 2010)
We had a BBQ in our back yard to celebrate my birthday.
Kaylee waiting anxiously for her birthday celebration to take place.
Almost all the cousins on my husbands side of the family. 

Getting to meet my nephew Seph for the first time.  He was born Jan 2010 and they live in Arizona
so we had to wait a little while until we could meet him. This was for the baby blessing that they came up to do in Utah.  In March I do believe.

Spring time at "Grandma's" house, taking a photo of my cute, adorable niece.
A fun shot I took while attending the Hope Of America Program that 
our 5th grade daughter was a part of.  I was playing with my new camera!! This 
was one of my favorite shots.
My Mother's Day Pampering gift.  This was a service project put on 
by some of the young women in our ward to help raise money for 
girls camp to take place later that year. 
We had fun watching Thomas develop more as a baseball player. 
His skills are really improving.

Katherine's 10th Birthday party with her friends!! (May 2010)
Having family fun in our front yard with cousins!!  (May 2010)

Okay so this about sums up the months of April - June with  July - September coming up in a few days.

A trip to the WILD SIDE....

OH wow!!! Here we are starting the year 2011!! I can't hardly believe it!!

And before I forget I just want to wish my SPUNKY fun Grandma a Happy Birthday !! For today is her birthday and I hate that I'm so far away and can't spend the day with her. But I can call her, and that will happen just shortly.

But last year my family was able to celebrate her 7th decade with her. And she's such a fun lady, and she rolls with the punches!! My dad bought her some "dainty panties" for her birthday as a gag gift last year. Everyone knew about it except for her.

She even modeled the panties on right there before our eyes.
Now don't go getting all grossed out on me before I finish telling the story.

After the undies were tossed around the house at everyone, and my Grandmother with a beat read face of embarrassment and almost having the time of her life with her family around her, I couldn't help but take the picture below. Here's to all the FUN Grandma's and Great Grandma's out there. Live a little on the WILD SIDE.

I'm so wishing that I could be with her again today, so we could pull another prank on her.