Friday, December 10, 2010

Quick Recap .... Part 1

So I can't believe this year is almost over.... I remember when it started and thinking it would be weird to write 2010 and here I am still not used to writing it (SERIOUSLY I STILL WRITE other random years) and the year is quickly coming to an end.

It's almost sad like, really.  If you think about it.  So much going on, time keeps on keeping on, and we, well we just keep getting on, and on in age.   I look back and realize I'm really grateful for a few things right now.  The fact that I have a little "gadget" (maybe a bit bigger then size little) but it takes pictures of things I want to remember.  Mind you it doesn't do this all by itself... however, that would be nice sometimes.   I have these photos to help me remember times past.  Because really if you are looking at a picture it's already in the past. Right?

Well, just so I don't forget, and you either, I want to do a quick recap of our January - March 2010. And I'm linking up with Emmy Mom with the 2010 REVIEW EXTRAVANGAZA!!
 There is a chance to win something so recap your first three months and join in the fun!!
I'll try and do this in just pictures, with a little explanation as needed.

We managed to take a trip to California for my mom's birthday.  
But more importantly my Grandma's birthday.  She turned 70!!

 While we were there visiting we also made a little afternoon trip 
to go see Great Falls near Trona, California.  I always heard about it, 
 but had never gone there myself. (Or not that I can remember).  
It sure beat sitting around Grandma and Grandpa Hill's house 
and not doing much of anything.

On our way home from this trip we stopped by the "FISH ROCKS" in the canyon near my parents
home.  These have been there forever. I remember being a kid and seeing them, and knew that when 
we passed them as we were heading home, we were almost there. 

 We came back home with a few days to spare before Thomas had his 5th birthday!  

 A few days later we met up with all of Chris's side of the family for a surprise party at Sizzler's for his Mom's 70th birthday.  My kids ended up getting so bored waiting that they decided to start laying all over the floor back in the corner.  Good thing we had our own little room.  (And here we are about to celebrate another birthday for her) 

For Thomas' birthday he got a remote control boat. Mind you his birthday was January 8th -- so it's cold, and snowy outside.  But on one of the "better" days we headed down to Spring Lake to test out his boat.  
And it works great!! We also were able to feed ducks too.

Here the kids are playing/working with the snow one day after school.

And who can forget my awesome time of going to Good Day Utah all headed up by my 
awesome friend Alexes.  Thanks again, it was great seeing you and visiting with you.

Katherine was in "Utah: This is the Place" program that the 4th grade puts on every year. 
And this was her turn.  We love going to support our kids in their activities. (She's the one 
on the far right of the picture as you are looking at it. )

We also had our first venture to Boondocks up in Layton, I think that's where it is. 
We were invited up for my niece's birthday, and my kids all got to go bowling and they had a blast. 
We were sad, however, because Ethan was sick, and couldn't come with us. So Chris stayed home 
with him and I took the kids to the party.  That's the one thing I'd have changed if I could. I always 
like it, when we are all together.

So there is a quick recap of our 
January - March 2010

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