Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I spent some time at the POLICE DEPARTMENT

Okay so the other night I went to the local police department so I could get fingerprinted. Why? Well, I volunteer as a basketball coach for the girls in 7th and 8th grades. I really should have done this back when I was doing volleyball, but no one thought about it, and so consequentially I didn't know that I should either.

Well, I've known about this for a few weeks, but couldn't fit it in before Thanksgiving so I went down this last Monday night. Oh my gosh!

It was so crazy. There was this incredibly small cubicle of a waiting room, where seriously no "smells" escaped going noticed by anyone. And if speaking loudly there wasn't any chance on having a private conversation. 

There were about 6 or 7 chairs set up and all were taken by the time I walked in just a minute or two past the start time. So I checked in by signing the paper and paid the fee (by the way the school paid for this). I then waited while standing for some time.

I overheard several conversations some of which were completely a waste of my time. But what did it really matter because I had to wait already. But some of the stuff I heard went something like this...

Person A: Yeah, I have to get this done or I have to go to jail. But, I'm fine with doing the jail time, I just don't want to be gone during Christmas. So if they wait till January I'm okay with it.

A little later, Person A was called to the service window, and was asked to show her papers. She was there because of a court order.

Person A : I don't have that paper with me. I left it at home, because I couldn't find it. But I have to do this or my PO (parole officer) is sending me to jail. And I have A LOT of court papers at home and don't know where THIS one is. (Seriously what kind of history does this lady have?? Yikes)

Person B comes up to the window and says, can't you just copy the back of this, it's the same judge.

And a worker behind the desk speaks up and says, NO, that's called FRAUD.  And then person A speaks up, " Yeah I don't need anymore of those charges, I've got plenty."   And after this was said, and everyone could hear it, you could hear some stifled laughs. 

A little while later a man walked in and was very "homely" looking and smelled BAD!! Such as just smoked something that was nasty in smell, which was inducing the gag reflex in me, because it smelled so bad.  And remember this waiting area was like a 12 x 3 foot area.  It was rather rank at this time.  So I stepped out into the open foyer and got some fresh air.  But I wasn't the only one, and started conversing with this other couple that had gone out for fresh air as well.  We decided they should hold different nights and or days for those who are doing this for a job and those that are court ordered. Or rather, have a "non-smoking" and "smoking" locations.   Just saying

After a while longer I went back in, and by now, a few people have already been called back and some chairs were freed up, so I took one.  Should have brought a book with me, but I didn't think it would take so long to go though this process. Oh well, guess I know for next time.

Another couple of people came in, and I couldn't quite tell how the this lady knew or was related to the young man that she came in with, who was there to get fingerprinted.  Sometimes it seemed as if she was his mom, but I quickly ruled that out as she kept asking how his mom was?   hmmm.... maybe she was a step mom?? No, probably not.  An Aunt?? Maybe.   I don't know I never figured it out.  But this kid, was probably 19 or 20 and seem to have problems owing money somewhere, and had to appear in court for a traffic violation of some sort.  Not exactly sure. But this kid acted like he KNEW everything.  Yeah, you know the kind. Talk as if they are experts on everything and everyone.  He is a basketball player, but not currently on a team. He's hoping to play for Dixie next year.  And he was asked about certain girls that he knew and told what he thought.  And blah blah blah.... I was getting slightly annoyed with this kid and his way of thinking.  Along with the other people that just didn't seem to "have it together". Or lacked some major common sense. 

So next time I find myself in this situation... A) bring a book.  B) Bring the ipod C) Bring pen and paper and take notes on the "funny dumb" things these people say, and then create a book from it. Simply for the entertainment purposes of other people.   And no worries names will be changed to protect the innocent... oh wait.... guess I don't need to worry about that. 

But seriously, I have a knack for people watching and observing.  So don't think I'm stalking you if you see me quiet in a room and not really talking.  Because I can guarantee you that observing you won't last beyond this one visit,  unless we happen to run into each other again.  And then just know I'm taking notes on just what you are saying that I find quite funny.  And if you are lucky, if it is funny, you might get a laugh out of me. And then you'll know I was watching you.  Bwahahaha...

And next time I am in this situation .... I think I need a candle just to smell so I can rid my nostrils and memory of such foul odors as a nasty "cigarette' smell, or someone's B.O. who just got released from Jail. 

Oh my... sometimes I wish I could find out why and how a person's thinking takes place.

**please note, I don't say this stuff to make it seem like I am PERFECT.  Because I'm not, at least I'm not all the time.  

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