Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wordful Wednesday.... See I have proof !!!

We have fun things going on at school this week.  Yesterday (Monday the 12th) was Crazy Sock and Holiday Hat day.  So I went early before school was out and managed to get a few pictures of some cute kids wearing their holiday hats!! 
 Of course, there is my son ... who is in Kindergarten this year!!
 Ethan and Heidi in the halls at school. 

And I have proof that I finally was able to get some decent pictures of my kids 
with Santa at the ward party a week and half ago!! It was awesome. But of course, 
this was the first year that the older two opted to sit out.  Oh well.
 Ethan --- Age 3 1/2
 Thomas --- age (ALMOST 6 on January 8th)
And here's Heidi --- age 8

It really is fun to hear the kids tell "SANTA" what they want for Christmas. Sometimes they get lucky...
and sometimes they don't.  

Which reminds me.... When Ethan was sitting on Santa's lap this year he told Santa that he 
wanted "CRISS CROSS CRASH" for Christmas (It's a Hot Wheels thing)

So later Chris was asking Ethan, "What if Santa doesn't bring it to you for Christmas, but instead 
brings it to you for your birthday?"  
And Ethan thought about it, and then said, "DOOFUS!"   in a playful tone of course.  But it was almost like he was saying... yeah right.  Of course, I'll get it for Christmas...  well I guess we'll have to wait and see what Santa brings this little boy.

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