Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bitter/Sweet Milestones ....

Okay this mama was about to cry today! 


Well my little boy who is turning 4 in April started in Primary today.

And for me that is a HUGE bittersweet milestone for me.

It means he's getting older and can do more things, but it also means he's not my little baby anymore. He still likes to snuggle with me, which I'll gladly take a time out from my schedule to spend with him snuggling.

I had to seriously hold back the tears today, because that's how I roll. 
I get emotional, and I love my kids and knowing that he's 
the last one makes everything else that much harder to go
through with him. I'm trying not to cry right now while I'm making this note.

I thought he was going to have a rough transition from nursery, where they 
get to play with toys, and have a snack, to going to Sunbeams, where they don't get
to play with toys, and they don't get a snack. 

During Sacrament meeting I saw him acting up and getting all grumpy like, as he was before 
church.  He claimed he didn't want to go to Primary because there wasn't any toys in Sunbeams. 
Luckily as it was time for Primary to start, he went without any problems.  Afterwards, I asked him how 
he liked it, and he said, " It was good, but they don't have snack! And I like having a snack!"

Looks like we'll have an okay time, I just wish the same good fortune to the other **families that have
a child going into Primary for the first time.  ** You know who you are.  
Now we're off to see what other adventures we 
face for the next year / phase of our life. 

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