Thursday, January 27, 2011

A little rambling....

Okay seriously who wants to DONATE a new computer??? I need a new one!! I have so many projects I need to do. We've maxed out the memory on this one, and it barely functions. I can't save anything new to this computer and can't quite convince Chris to go buy a new one yet. He was rearing and ready around Christmas time but now.... he's backed off. Not sure why!!??

So the number one item right now on my wish list is a

1. A new computer ---- with lots of RAM and great for using photoshop and doing things like digi-scrapping.

2. An external hard drive to go along with that.

3. A new bed!! Ours is terrible at the moment.

4. A newer (not brand brand new) and bigger house to fit our family more comfortably and be able to invite others over and not feel so strapped for space or bathroom usage.

But for now, we'll just continue living with what we have until we can afford something on our list.

So for now the computer item is my biggest source of frustration.

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