Sunday, July 25, 2010

Makeover..... part 1

Okay so lately we've been thinking about getting the house fixed up and change the look and help it feel NEW to us again. The easiest way to do this is by putting paint on the walls. Well, I set out this last week, by cleaning out the entire room that my boys sleep in. Everything is OUT!!

Some of it is in the garage and other stuff is on the front porch (sad to say it looks BAD on my porch right now). And stuff is in the living room as well. My house is BAD... it's so messy everywhere. I cleared out the boys room and then had no energy or time to do the "OTHER" things I should have been doing. Like dishes, laundry (by the way I think clean underwear is highly overrated), making dinner and such.

But who cares??? Well, I'll confess I care!! It's bugging me that I didn't get the regular household chores done so that I could turn this:

Into this.....

Still not quite finished with it yet.  It needs one more layer on the trim and borders... but otherwise it's nearly finished!!  Chris and I make such a great team... although, he says that I'm doing the second layer on the baseboards and windows and such myself, because he wants it to look good!!  A compliment!! I love it.  

So this is a preview ... and basically what it'll look like as far as colors go.  

So it isn't like I was lazy or anything, I was just using my time, energy and effort on accomplishing something different.  

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