Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Sneek Peek of Celeste

I'm having so much fun photographing these sweet babies that are only days or weeks old.  I just
can't help but think that they just came down from Heavenly Father.....
They are so sweet and precious and yes they CRY, and need to be FED, and get TIRED so they
SLEEP, and after they are FED they POOP, and they CRY some more,  All just facts of life,
but they are all part of these little babies.  They have dry flaky skin, splotchy red faces, sometimes they
are bruised and alien looking... but one thing I can't ever forget is how SPECIAL they are.

And the other thing I can't forget is the awesome families that these little children are born into.  People who
love them, and care for them and always want what's best for them.  So without further random life talk ...

HERE IS CELESTE she is two weeks old, and definitely a beauty!!

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