Thursday, May 15, 2014

My sweet two year old ....

 There are advantages to having a cute little two year old, and photography equipment. And oh yeah, knowing how to take an excellent photo.  So, with both of these photos it was completely impromptu.  The first one I had set up just to practice with my flash and using the backgrounds and where I should place the light.  She was in her pajamas still and I think she might have even had "stuff" on her face.  She's still stinking cute!   

This bottom one is from right after doing a newborn session for a friend.   Esther saw a piece of hard foam equipment that I had in the room and she moved it over and said, "Take a picture Mommy!"  she wanted me to, so who am I to say NO?   Right, so I worked with it.  Now I really want to take off and do more "studio" types especially during the cold months so I can keep busy.    So just remember if you want to schedule a session contact me and lets work something out.   (

That smile!  It's kind of her "I'm a stinker, but know I'm cute" smile and I wouldn't have it any other way.    Here's to having a cute little two year old running around.

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