Sunday, May 11, 2014

Trying to play a year of catch up .... how am I doing?

Oh my goodness I can't believe how much of a slacker I've been in recording our families happenings.  I'm going to be better at this from now on.  I miss looking back over the last several months and seeing the fun little things that have happened with us, or for us.   So I am going to start right now.   A quick recap of our year so far ....

It's been a lot different than last in that we haven't had many illnesses as we did last year. For which I am truly grateful.   We had a lot of sad news come to us from family and friends towards the end of 2013 such as a previous home teacher Josh Robison passing away 1 day after his first child and son were born.  He was in his early 20s - clearly not long enough to spend with his sweet wife and now new son.   

Secondly we witnessed (rather Chris) a person attempt to take his own life and all while we had visitors and lots of little kids running around and playing as kids do.  Thankfully not one of the kids actually saw what was attempted and neither did I.   That I consider a tender mercy from my Heavenly Father.   

That same weekend as the attempted suicide we also found out that a great friend of Chris's was to report to a federal prison the following Monday (only two or three days after we initially found out). Chris did have a chance to talk on the phone with said friend the night before he left, and we've been in constant contact since then and have watched him grow in many ways.  While he is going through his own set of trials now because of choices he made, we are considering it a tender mercy that God's timing in things happening in our own life has been a blessing to others already.  

And the most recent bout of news that has affected me more than the rest of the family - I found out that some close friends of mine went through a divorce and finalized back in March. I was clueless!  Had no idea that anything was wrong.  So I have a lot of questions floating in my mind and hopefully in the future I can have some of those answered.  I happened to find out the night before Chris had the entire day scheduled off and so I find it an incredible tender mercy from my father in heaven that my sweet husband was there for me, after his dental appointment, to cry on his shoulder and to have his arms wrapped around me as I tried to process this devastating news.   

More happy news to tell though ....  We've celebrated lots of birthdays (I hope to go into individual posts for those in the near future but for now this is going to have to do) 
We have Katherine involved with Ballroom dance at her jr. high school, and it's so fun going to watch her perform right along with her team.  She's so talented with this and looks absolutely graceful.  She auditioned for Timpview High School and made the JV team for next year.  However, we did find out that it's a before/after school program now and we're not sure how well that will work out.  Too bad my kids didn't drive themselves yet.   

Heidi has been making friends with some wonderful girls in the neighborhood and now one of her friends lives right next door as of a few weeks ago (almost).   It's been fun having her taunt off with these kids and seeing her grow as a person.   I love seeing her break away from her shyness shell ... it's about time!    

Thomas and Ethan are now enjoying baseball again.  Thomas is playing legit baseball and is playing mostly the part of the catcher.  So he has to put all that catcher's gear on and at first he was very upset about doing it, but his team won their game last Monday and now he's a bit more excited to play.   I'm excited to watch him grow as a player and develop this skill.  Along with watching his younger brother start learning more of the mechanics of the game as he is doing machine pitch this year.   

Kaylee just turned the ripe old age of 15 and has crushes galore.  Trying to keep her head in reality seems to be difficult these days as she's oohing and aahing *spelling  over these cute boys she sees just about everywhere.  After all she is now at the end of her ninth grade year and she's at a high school full of cute boys.   But I think she's also excited to get to the point of taking her test to get her permit ..probably this summer. (Maybe)    
I'm busy with my photography business "Wendy Lynn Photography" and am working on ways to bring in more clients and attract more clients.   It's always fun to spend time with these people and then see their reactions when they see their photos afterwards.   I don't know why I didn't fall into this years ago instead of just recently.   It's fun, challenging and feels very rewarding when a client is happy.   However it is only part time right now, but hopefully in a few months it'll be a bit bigger.  (Crossing fingers)  (

Chris is working steadily at Solution Services still and coming up on his 9th year there.   So great to be married to someone who has a great work ethic and has tendencies that make keeping employment very possible, and makes him very likeable.   

Esther is busy being a toddler, learning to use her scooter, even trying to put on roller skates, dressing and undressing herself, and is quite the chatter box as well as a smart alec.  Can you believe that?  She's 2 1/2 and she's already a smart alec.   Oh boy ...   

What's going on in your neck of the woods?

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