Tuesday, April 19, 2011

More for myself than anyone else.

So I've been busy working on yearbook pages in photoshop elements for the school my kids attend. We're coming down to the last few days/weeks, and my stress level is starting to PEAK!!

We've got birthday's coming up, volleyball games to attend, hunting for Easter eggs, and dying some as well. Lots of stuff is going on in the next few weeks, not to mention the item that I've been waiting for since, I found out I was expecting baby #6. So that maybe this child can go from being called baby #6 to "my little girl", or "my little boy". That's right I'm halfway through this pregnancy already and I have a list at least two pages long of things that need to be done before the baby arrives.

My anticipation of finding out is so huge right now, that I almost can't stand it. And I know that I'm going to be "hating" myself all day next Wednesday the 27th of April because I scheduled the ultrasound for 4pm that day!!! Did you hear me? I said 4 pm!!!

I did it mainly to accommodate schedules and such, so that the kidlets can all be there as well as my husband. But I know I'm going to be like a kid at Christmas waiting to see what the "big" gift is. Hopefully I'll be kept preoccupied with getting the yearbook finalized (or mostly anyway).

I've been feeling the baby move for almost 7 weeks now, and the movements are getting stronger every day. I can't believe how much movement I feel ALL THE TIME!! This kid is already all over the place in that little space it's in.

I've started a major project of "CLEAN UP THE DESK AND THE AREA AROUND IT" just yesterday, and now I can really see progress. The area underneath where our lovely feet are supposed to go, was cluttered with "CRAP". It's all gone now!! And I cleaned out the floor space where the paper shredder is supposed to go, and plugged it back in after being unusable for the last few months. I know-- huge slacker I am!! The part of the desk where the monitor sits, is now dejunked ... but unfortunately most of that mess just moved to the love seat to be "gone" through tomorrow.

I seriously have visions of a clean home that is spotless, and clutter free... but man oh man, it sure is hard trying to get there!! But hopefully with the new baby coming, and spring here ... I'll have some huge nesting instincts kick in and I can get a huge jump on a lot of the "clutter-free" cleaning that needs to take place. I have so many examples around me, that I just wish I could be like Samantha from Bewitched and twinkle my nose and it's immaculate. But alas, that isn't the life I get to live, so I have to be patient and do I dare say..."long-suffering" in waiting for that to happen.

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