Thursday, March 24, 2011

How we Found out we were Expecting our 6th baby.

This was typed up back in January but I couldn't post it yet, because we hadn't told our families at that time. But now that the cats out of the bag... here's the "HOW we found out" story of this pregnancy.  

One week I noticed that I was extremely tired, and couldn't seem to stay awake. Didn't think anything of it since I'd just completed or at least tried to complete, a P90x video workout. My living room was clean still from the weekend, and I had time to do the workout.

Afterwards though, I was so sleepy tired. I thought it strange but pushed it aside. I just got a nap and felt better, slightly. But even stranger was the constant falling asleep around 8pm every night when usually I'm up till at least 10:30 or 11:00pm. I was falling asleep like this every night for the rest of the week.

I kept asking myself why in the heck I was so tired?? Well, afterall I was busy with coaching a girls basketball team after school every day intermixed with games and felt that maybe I was just getting burned out from that and needed extra sleep.

Then move onto the end of that week and Chris was reading in "Fit for Life" on the energy section and asked me if I thought I was lacking energy. Well, duh... of course I was!! I was so tired all the time and just couldn't function.

I ended up going on a run, in the car,  to the dollar store that evening and decided to pick "IT" up. You know what I'm talking about. The "IT" that may change your life and the way you feel about where you are in your life.

I had also realized that I hadn't had the visit from every woman's monthly visitor yet and I started getting nervous. For you see... I WAS DONE!! My husband was DONE!! Our kids were at a point where the two of us actually felt like we had some freedoms that we haven't had in a very long time. This was so not in my plan especially not right now.

But, nevertheless, I brought home the test, and was going to just wait till the next morning to take it. But something kept pulling at me to take it then. I take the test then and waited only but a few seconds to see the first line appear..... I was like that is the "Control" line right?? I turned the test device around and realized that the "control" line hadn't been reached yet. But that the line I saw was in fact the TEST line and then a few seconds later there were TWO Lines.... TWO LINES!!! Oh. MY. GOSH!!

I was scared to death to tell my husband because I thought he'd freak and hoping that maybe this test was just a false positive just threw it in the garbage and hoped it was wrong.

I went to church with my family the next day, but all I could think about was this new pretty 'terrifying" situation I was now faced with, and so far only I knew about it. I was crying in church... not the obnoxious out load where everyone knows someone is crying but the more silent but full of tears crying that my husband could tell something was up. He wrote me a note and asked what is wrong. But I looked at him and met his eyes... and I just started crying more. I couldn't bring myself to tell him for about 10 -15 minutes.

Finally I answered him back and said, "You'll hate me! But I think our "accident" is here. I'm sorry!"

He looked at me and with a slight grin on his face said, "Really?" I said, "Yes" (all while tears are running down my face)

I asked him if he was mad at me and he said, No. (Why would he be??)

But he did tell me that just earlier that week he had been thinking that maybe now it was time. And that he just kept putting that feeling off.

From that point on we decided we wouldn't tell anyone unless they started asking. I couldn't last very long without telling "a few" people. So I told someone at school so I had someone from there that "understands" me right now. And I ended up telling a few people at church. So at least now I feel like I can talk with someone and not have to go through this silently.

But the decision is easy now for us, because we know we are done after this baby. That's right I said BABY!!! We're expecting baby #6. And I think I'm still in denial right now ...

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