Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My future Major Leaguer...

For the last several weeks we've had fun watching T-man play tee-ball.  He's had great coaches
and has had a team full of kids that have really come along the last several weeks.  Matter of fact, my son was standing in the "pitcher's" spot, and the kids are asked to get the ball after it's hit and throw it back to the "pitcher" who then throws it into the catcher who then places the ball onto the Tee. Well the ball was hit toward 1st base and then the boy playing first picked up the ball and threw it to Thomas.  Thomas held out his gloved hand and CAUGHT the ball being thrown at him by someone other than his Dad.  It was so cute to watch and all the onlookers saw him catch the ball and he got lots of cheers!!  I think him catching the ball surprised him big time!! Right after Thomas caught the ball he brought his gloved hand down, and looked over at us had a HUGE smile plastered on his face, and then with his right hand he gave us a thumbs up!!  Needless to say the boy was ELATED for the rest of the time.  It was fun watching him.  He is getting better at catching since he's been getting extra practice in with his Dad nearly every week.  So we told him we would do a Photo shoot with him so we could get his own "trading cards" printed and these were some of the shots we captured last Saturday.  We'll do some more this coming Wednesday so we can get him with his Yellow Jersey side on.  So he's now down to two games left and that leaves us with providing snacks on Wednesday nights game. 

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