Sunday, June 27, 2010

Anniversary number 12

Well not really a review of a restaurant but at least the one that our backyard was transformed into on our anniversary.

Okay before I totally forget...

Chris and I celebrated our 12th Anniversary this last Thursday, the 24th of June. Since it fell on a Thursday I didn't really feel like celebrating a whole lot, so we opted to really do something the 26th (Saturday).

But don't let me fool you and say we didn't do anything on our actual Anniversary. We most certainly had something going on.

Wednesday Night our daughters put together a menu and their Dad took them to the grocery store to buy a few items.

Thursday came and around 4pm the girls started putting our "special night" plans into action. They had bought a frozen lasagna, some rolls and stuff for salad. They put the lasagna in the oven and baked it for the needed time, and put together a salad (all on their own), and then they had one of the "extra" tables laying around moved to the backyard.  And I provided them with a tablecloth and they decorated it..... 
These are roses of my very own rose bushes. The loose petals on the table were ones that had fallen to the ground and they made use of them.

My neighbor supplied a pair of "tea light" lamps to put on the table, and I loved them.  Too bad I don't get to keep them.  But I do get to use them again, if I need to.  I love my neighbor.

They made little menus for us .... and Katherine played the part of the waitress and took our orders.  Chris decided to order for the both of us.  hehe...

I had to be in a picture or I let one of the girls hold my camera to take a picture. 
So even though it wasn't a FANCY SCHMANCY dinner at some 5 star restaurant I do have to give my girls 2 thumbs up for all the thought they put into this, and the work it took to pull it off.  And for the most part we got to eat outside by ourselves.  They fed the other kids in the house, and we got to have a few minutes by ourselves.   They also got us a few gifts... Twix and a Reeces Fast Break candy bar. Along with a card and two pieces of trident gum. 

And I'll post more on how our Saturday turned out. 

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