Sunday, January 4, 2015

My First Christmas without my sweetheart

So we're now just past 7 weeks into this journey without the man in our lives. 

The kids have been on Christmas break, it's been great not to get up at the crack of dawn every morning.  

We set up the Christmas tree a few days after Thanksgiving, I set up the lights on the house a few days before Thanksgiving.  

I spent time Christmas shopping ALONE.   Which wasn't too exciting really.   I remember being in the store and finding something neat or awesome for one of the kids an thought to myself, I can't wait to show this to Chris.  Then it hit me how he wasn't going to be there when I got back home.   

I bought a few things for myself, (but only because so many people helped us out by giving us money).  I had a daughter buy a heart shaped locket and had a photo from my wedding day printed and she cut her dad's face out and put it in the locket.  So, so sweet!  Of course, it made me cry.  She also made a little accordian style album and attached photos into it that had her Dad in them.   I will cherish that always. 

Another daughter at the end of the gifts had made a card that was from "him".   As she was giving it to me she said, I know this is what dad would do if could.   The card said, "To Wendy"   "From Chris"  and she imitated his writing pretty well.  And just seeing the writing made me tear up.  And then on the inside it said, I will love you always and forever (or something like that) - as I don't have it in front of me right now.  And then she gave me a box with earrings and a necklace.  The earrings are the infinity symbol, and the necklace has a heart with the infinity symbol in it.   So thoughtful and sweet.  

Christmas was good.  But Christmas was different.  I spent my first Christmas away from my childhood family with him and his family so this was the first Christmas since then that we haven't been together.  I'm pretty sure he was with us.  I missed the actual element of surprise that he always came up with for Christmas.   On Christmas Eve  - It took a lot longer to take care of things then normal.  Why?  Because I didn't have him there helping as in years past.  

There was a missing element to our holiday season this year and that void isn't really wanted.   

It seems that normal stresses of life seem to hit me harder now that I don't have him as a stabling element in my life.  To calm me when I start to "worry" too much or a situation comes up that makes it hard to decide something easily.   (That's an entirely different post).  

But overall Christmas was okay,  New Years was okay.    It's a new year and that means new projects, new goals, new growth, new friends and more Cafe Rio for sure!  

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