Monday, September 5, 2011

Twas the night before .....

Well tonight is the last night in my life that I will ever be pregnant. Kind of a bitter sweet moment for me. But my body is so ready to have this little angel join our family. I have been having painful contractions throughout the day, but nothing that is timeable or consistent to make me think that I might be in labor. So now that we have gone to the baseball game and got our call on the way home from the game to say that the c-section is scheduled for 9:30am and we have to report by 7:30am. I hope I can get some sleep tonight, which I'll be surprised if I can sleep because of how miserable the last few weeks have been during the night. But at least this is the last night to sleep being pregnant and then tomorrow night I start the whole not being able to sleep because I have a newborn. I've been terribly emotional this entire pregnancy and the slightest little things will set me off into crying. And I kind of feel like that now. I know what I'm doing is special, and that I'll just fall in love with her the minute she's put into my arms. The kids are all EXCITED to meet little Esther tomorrow after school. And it was really hard to actually get them to go to bed tonight, I just hope that everyone can wake up an hour earlier than they are used to in order for me to get to the hospital at the right time. I do feel like an EPIC FAILURE as far as cleaning up the house goes because the kitchen and living room aren't tidied and I don't have energy to do a darn thing about it. Hopefully my kids will kick into gear and get things done while I'm away for a few days. (Crossing my fingers) I still can't believe I'm about to have another baby and a little girl at that!! It's been several years now since I've had a little girl and now that little girl is 9 years old!! Well, this is the one time I've waited till the last minute to pack my bag... actually most of it is done, I just need to make sure that everything is actually in there now. So I should go, and maybe try to wash up the kitchen dishes at least so that Chris doesn't have to deal with them tomorrow. I can't believe another incredible journey is going to begin tomorrow morning. I'm nervous, excited, tired, sad, and scared all in one. But I know with my husband close by I can make it through anything, and with all the friends and family praying for me and wishing my family an I the best... that things will be okay. So I'm signing off for a few days, and when I'm back I'll have pictures to share!!!

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