Friday, August 26, 2011

Tonight was our LUCKY NIGHT!!!

NO!!!! The baby isn't here yet.

But we did head out to the OREM OWLZ baseball game again tonight. The weather was great!! We had cloudy skies and the sun wasn't in our eyes, it wasn't too hot, we even had a few rain sprinkles but nothing too heavy.

But before we experience all the rain sprinkles, we were prepared to pay for parking as we always do, and the parking people waved us on in, so we parked for free. YAY!!!

While in the ball park, we were waiting for the game to start and one of the staff people asked if we had any kids that would like to do one of their in between innings games. So three of our five (Thomas, Heidi and Katherine)were in the little "HOT DOG" race. One of them represented Ketchup, while another was Mustard, and the other was Relish. And you watched a screen on the scoreboard, and then the kids more or less "spaz" out and pretend to race while basically staying in place. (Heidi was so wild, she even fell down!) We were laughing so HARD. They did a great job and with three of our kids in the "contest" we were guaranteed to come home winners. The result: Heidi who played the part of MUSTARD won the race and won an envelope full of "prizes". There were 3 Little Ceasars pizza vouchers that can be used there in the park. And three upgrade seat tickets. And several other free kids meal coupons that we may or may not use. THe other two kids ended up with a couple of free "Crazy Bread" coupons to use in a Little Ceasars location. Can you say S.C.O.R.E !!! YAY HEIDI. So we redeemed one of the pizza vouchers while at the game tonight.

Next Katherine ended up with one of the foul balls (AGAIN) I've lost count of how many we've gotten because of her. Oh, and I forgot that they were giving away "PENS" at the beginning of the game as well. So all of us ended up with a pack of three pens with string on them so you can hang them around your neck.

Then Thomas discovered that some booth was giving away some stuff and saw some squishy balls that just happened to be blue. And he went up and asked them if they had any of the balls, and the people gave him one, matter of fact they gave all of our kids one when they went up to the booth. Crazy times.

THEN.... there was another contest they were doing between innings and Kaylee ended up winning this one. And got three vouchers to redeem at Trafalga for any 2 activities. SWEET!! ( So as Thomas said...." Tonight was our LUCKY NIGHT!")

Not to mention the Owlz won the game 4-3 after the top of the 9th.

What a night. We definitely had some fun. Planning a fun day for tomorrow as well. Hope the weather will cooperate. Not sure exactly what we'll do, but hopefully it ends up being a good fun day for our family. Maybe I'll talk my husband into going out in the evening for one last little date night before the baby comes. haha.. (I'll see how that goes, though)

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