Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy Anniversary to my Mother and Father in law ....Part 2

We had a great weekend. Well mostly.

I made it through the entire Anniversary weekend celebrations for my in laws, and now Im ready to have my baby anytime she's ready!!

We started off with a family picture session on Saturday morning. IT. WAS. HOT!! and right when my little family was up for our family picture, the photographer was starting to take pictures and OUCH.... I was having a contraction right when she snapped the first picture....

YEah I know I look lovely don't I ?

But really this is how most of the pictures turned out... not with me having contractions, but just not as good as I was hoping.  But it's okay because we'll have to get a new picture taken for Christmas this year because we'll have our little Esther here within 2 weeks or less from tomorrow.

So we had group pictures taken of EVERYONE, those didn't turn out so great either ...
then of course, we had Grandma and Grandpa with all 21 grandchildren -- yeah that didn't work so well either.  I guess the point is that we have everyone in the picture regardless of whether they are all happy or not. 

We ended back at my sister in laws house for the big celebration open house and there was a decent turn out and lots of extended family that showed up.  So it was really fun to see all of them.  The book I made was well liked by everyone who saw it. Or rather I was told that they liked it.

Here are pictures of the quilt that was made for them.

This book was 193 pages  --- consisting of pictures that were donated and given to me to use for this project.  It took up pretty much my entire summer, and suffered from swollen feet most nights because of it.  But I do have to say there was a point that I was working on it, and I really did just want to throw in the towel and stop working on it altogether because I did frustrated here and there.   My house got neglected and is still suffering from the neglect all summer long.  (Except my bathroom is mostly clean right now but that's about it.)

But I stuck with this project, and kept forging onward, and there was a moment where I was overcome with extreme emotion and got a little teary eyed, because I realized how special this was, and the love and hard work that was put into it will really mean a lot to all of those who look at this through the years. 

I WAS GOING TO POST A PICTURE HERE OR TWO OR THREE, but it's not cooperating, and I'm going to get off now because my feet are really starting to hurt.  Wish I had a lap top right now, so I could sit back in my recliner and still be able to use the computer. 

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