Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Happenings ...

Quick Update: Katherine finished softball finally! Okay she was done a few weeks back, but I'm just now getting around to this. Her team played three games in the state tournament and one of the games we totally got poured on!! We were getting rained on and it was COLD. I know Crazy---- middle of July and it was COLD!! But we were all kind of glad that she was done when she was. So until next year... we're taking a break from that.

Thomas finished up his T-ball season the end of June, and he had lots of fun as well. Next year he's excited to play as well, and he'll be in coach pitch. (That just means that instead of hitting of a Tee they will get the ball pitched to them by their coach.) And he is often more than excited to hound Chris into playing catch with him once Chris is home from work. And let me tell you that boy can throw like no other 6 year old you've seen. Chris wants to start working him on "pitching" so that he can be a pitcher. Thomas is anxious to play professional baseball in the future. And he often gets excited to watch baseball games with his dad on TV.

Ethan enjoyed the few weeks of Start Smart Baseball and is excited to play T-ball next summer. And he's getting better at catching and throwing. It's so awesome and neat to watch them grow and develop these new skills.

Kaylee -- went to Youth Conference the end of June and had a really fun time, and when she came home a few days later, she slept most of the afternoon and into the evening. She was so exhausted! They had such a tight schedule they really didn't have any down time. But she did have a blast and now she's getting ready to go to girls camp next week. (Tuesday - Saturday) I hope she has a blast. She definitely has some great leaders so I know she's in good hands.

Heidi --- didn't get involved with any sports this summer but really wants to play softball next summer! So I'm looking forward to that, and hope that between all the kids that want to play and having a new baby --- that there won't be too much overlapping in schedules and games. Funny story about Heidi: The other day she wanted to make a pudding pie really badly. So I had the ingredients and she asked if she could make one, and I said she could. So she took charge, and we talked out how to do it, and after discussing how much milk to add and where to fill it up to on the measuring cup, I thought she was good to go. However, when she came back a minute or two later and very quietly said, " um... Mom, I accidentally added water instead of milk." All I could do was laugh... but not too loudly, and then I asked her if I could laugh about that. She said it was fine, and so I laughed. I did tell her that everyone has a moment like that once in a while and some more than others. So we did our best to "salvage" it and then the kids devoured it a few hours later... I'm not sure how it tasted but they didn't complain so it must have been good enough for a kid to eat it.

Esther... yes that's what we've decided to name our next girl is growing strong and healthy so far, and is due for arrival sometime in the next 7 or so weeks. I feel like I've been pregnant forever now, and am ready to have my body back, and be free of these aches and pains. But I know all too soon that those will be replaced by sleepless nights, and a crying baby... but lots of snuggles and love from another child who has been sent to us, to bless our lives.

We've been able to attend a few Orem Owlz baseball games and we even sat through one game a few weeks ago .. you guessed it... in the RAIN!! What a fun experience and the kids loved it. We're finding that going to these minor league baseball games is becoming quite addicting and now I can't remember why we never really went to them before this last year. (Oh yeah, maybe because we had young kids and just didn't want to deal with it)

And that being said, we're headed to another game tomorrow night (Friday the 22nd and next Monday the 25th) Should be lots of fun!! It's such a relaxing family activity!!

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