Thursday, February 17, 2011

What I've been up to lately...

I've just been dealing with sick kids on and off for the last 4 weeks!! YES, it stinks. But now I think we're over the keeping kids home because of sickness phase. They were all at school yesterday for the WHOLE DAY and to me that is a huge milestone after having one or more home just about every day for the last three weeks.

Lately I've been pretty tired, because I haven't been sleeping well at night. And yesterday was a day to get a nice MORNING NAP in. My boys just watched movies, or played on or they ended up in the room just playing with their toys. They didn't make a mess, they weren't loud the point of not letting me get to sleep. It was perfect!! I couldn't ask for two better boys!!

And I wasn't feeling well last evening, and Chris sent me to the bedroom early so that I could rest and not have to do the regular duties in the evening. And let me tell you... it was NICE!! Thanks honey!!

The last of the regular season basketball games is set for tonight at our school. I'm getting quite excited to see an end in sight now. I've had fun, but I'm slightly burned out on basketball. So it'll be nice in a few weeks to have my afternoons back. And I'm sure the kids will like that too! That I'm home and not gone till dinner time every afternoon.

So I haven't disappeared I just have been busy dealing with kids not feeling well, and I was sick for a week as well. And while Heidi was home sick she lost two of her teeth that were lose. So now she's up to 3 that she has lost.

Crazy deal is her adult tooth was already growing in where one of the baby teeth was at. It was wiggly for A LONG WHILE, but she just never worked on it to get it out. SO I had to pull that one out for her like I did on the first one. With the second tooth she lost in the last week, she was messing with her tooth and she got all surprised because it just came out!! I'm glad she had a painless experience with that one.

We just recently bought an external hard drive, and now I'm excited to clear up space on my computer's hard drive so I can get going on creating scrapbook pages again, and get going on creating the yearbook too! I know.. call me crazy!! I'm used to it.

This is what I've been up to the last little bit, boring, but a record for me to remember.

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