Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The first of many stories of why I won't make Mother of the Year in 2011....

I think today should go down in the books as recognition as to why I will NOT be making mother of the year this year. See I only made it through January before I lost out, this is so not fair!!

So what did I do?? Well, it was great mostly, I ran to the store earlier to pick a few things up needed to help make our dinner of which I was making extra for my sister in law Amy and her family.

I had the chicken started in the crock pot, so it was done by early afternoon. That was fine. I got my kids to school on time this morning, no problem there.

So I made up three pans of chicken enchiladas one of which was going to my sister in laws family. It took a while to assemble all three pans and get it all ready. I covered all three pans with foil. Still going good.

Gathered the few things that I needed to take with me to drop off at Amy's house for their dinner, and then grabbed Ethan and we left. Got to Amy's house, see that my in laws are there, which happen to be her parents. And they answered the door and Grandpa was holding the baby who is sick. And Amy was up taking a nap. That's fine, she was tired and needed some extra sleep.

So I lay the food on the the counter. And I say bye and leave.

**** Okay, here's where it starts *****

I drive to the school which isn't too far away, but not a straight shot because of a river that I have to drive over. I get to the school and no sign of my kids outside. I think okay. They must be in the gym because that's where they normally meet me at when we have practice. But today I had to take the girls home because they had achievement days. When I discovered that they weren't in the gym waiting for me, I then walk all over the building. No signs of them anywhere. I go to the front desk and have the kids paged to the front. I waited. and waited. Still no kids.

Now this whole time I'm running around I left my sleeping 3 year old in the car in the parking lot. I spent 20 minutes in the school looking for this crazy kids of mine. And then ... the thought hit me!!!

Maybe they are at Amy's house. Since that's where they normally walk to if we don't have practice to go to. So I run to the van jump in, start the car, drive around the blocks to get to her house. Knock on the door and VOILA... my son is answering her door! Relief swept over my body, my kids were all complaining, " What took you so long?" and stuff like, " FINALLY MOM!"

So the time was 3:45 and the girls had achievement days (a program in our church for girls that are 8 - 11 years old) at 4pm. So we had a few minutes to spare. I get home drop of the girls and then Thomas starts complaining because he didn't want to go back to the school for practice. Of which I've missed a lot of today. (Oops-- luckily the other coach was there and taking over)

I run over to my neighbors house and ask if he would hang with the boys for a little while. Ethan was asleep and so we laid him on the bed and covered him up. He went right back to sleep. And Thomas would come over in a few after he changed. So thanks to my neighbor I felt like I had control over the afternoon again.

Definitely not an hour I want to repeat anytime soon. So I must have just missed my kids walking to their aunt's house but I didn't think to look that way, and went the other way instead.


The kids then had the nerve to tell their dad that I MADE them walk in this COLD weather. Geesh.... I need to go to bed!! But I won't get there for a little longer.

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