Sunday, November 21, 2010

A few Christmas Card Ideas...

So recently I've been taking pictures of some families so I can build up the portfolio with some fun shots.  And I have come up with some Christmas Card ideas and just wanted to throw them out there.  I came up with a few different ones, and this family had a some changes they wanted made, so I made the changes and then some... It's so much fun !!   Everything is customizable.  See what you are missing out on, by not having me take your pictures???    Haha...  actually, if you have a candid or two and want a card designed, just let me know.  Everything can be done digitally, and drop shipped to your home.  If you're interested let me know!!!  So I'm not sure yet, which style they want to go with, but these were the three pictures they wanted to use!  It's so fun finding a way to be creative that I really enjoy!! 

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