Monday, May 13, 2013

Hubs is sick, I'm not.

I feel so bad that my hubby has been sick now for an entire week.  Seems to be a bionic case of the flu or a cold, but it's been miserable for him.  

However, while he's been sick I've been busy. 

Busy buying flowers -- he couldn't say no, because he felt so sick.  (He actually told me that I could go buy some, he just didn't say how much $ was the limit) hehe.. 

Busy planting those flowers -- Several pots on the front porch a few in the back of the house, four hanging baskets, all of that equals a lot of flowers and a lot of awesome color. 

Busy buying four new planter containers to use on the front porch, which look awesome by the way. 

Busy mowing the front yard, followed by the back yard the next day. 

Busy setting up the cooler in order for us to use it on the HOT days that are lurking at the door step. 

Busy taking kids to this activity or that one. Taking all six kids to a class play that one of our daughters (Katherine) was performing in. 

Busy taking care of my family and wondering where in the world I'm finding energy to keep going for so long.  But, I'm really starting to feel it today.  

Busy transplanting our seed starts into the garden. 

Busy helping my sick husband with new home made tomato cages. These should be 100% better than the little flimsy ones that we've been using for the last several years. 

Busy planting more strawberries into our make shift flower bed in the back yard. 

And if that wasn't enough.... I now feel that our garden space needs to be lengthened another 8 ft. so that I can plant the rest of our seed starts and have enough room for everything.  

I love SPRING and all the outside work that I can do.  I just wish I loved doing the inside work just as much.  But I don't.    I don't know what it is about doing things outside that really gets me motivated but I love being outside and fixing up the yard.   Now to apply the same thought process to the inside, that has obviously been neglected the last four days. 

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