Saturday, January 12, 2013

Great Friends = Great Girls Night Out

I just really have to take a few moments and just mention how much I love the friends that I have.  Tonight there was a "girls night out" of sorts planned by a friend to celebrate another friends birthday from earlier in the week.  Now having lived in this house for nearly 12 years we've seen a lot of neighbors come and go.  Some I've been sad to see go, and others are here so short a time that they move before I know who they are.  But there are a few of us that have been here for a while and we get along well.  We're all of various ages some of the older women could be some of the younger ones mothers.  But we all get along and it's great.  

I love how we can get together and have fun and chat and be there for one another.  We don't have to be drinking or smoking or being completely WILD to have fun.  But in our own way we are crazy wild, but we always have a great time laughing.  And uplifting each other.   This truly is what life is about beyond the scope of your own family.  These ladies are accepting and honest and fun.   Next to my college room mates (who will always be my best friends), these are the other "best" friends that I have.  I always feel accepted and appreciated while I'm around.  And sometimes when we're out and about, I feel uplifted even if it's just a wave as we drive past one another.  

I know back in high school I didn't really feel like I had a "group" to belong to. Because on the weekends most activities were of the nature that I didn't want to associate with and that was fine with me.  As I've gotten a little more mature and wiser I know that I now have friends and groups taht I feel like I belong to, and know that these ladies will help me out in a pinch if needed.  And some of them have and I'm sure they will in the future and I'd do the same thing for them too.  

It's a great lead in to my Sabbath day tomorrow.  A great day to go and be filled with spiritual matters to help me be a more Christlike person and really trying to push myself into becoming the best me I can be.  My weeks are made bearable because I get this chance to refill my reservoirs of spiritual nourishment and then can proceed to do those things which are best.  

Mostly just for my benefit. 
(So a huge thank you to .... Brittany Scott, Elisha Trask, Kanani Horito - her birthday celebration - and her daughters, Rachel Whipple, Cathy Jackson and her daughter Brittany, Clarissa O'Connor, Aja Floyd, Jen Bates)  A few others that weren't there tonight  Brenda Hendrickson, Cheryl Sheffield, Anne Gregerson, Linda Dayton, Natashia McClean, Jean Ashby.    I'm sure I'm forgetting someone but just know that I appreciate them all.  So when I have time, I make sure to let them know that I'm thinking about them.  

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