Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A little update.

So much has been going on lately... but I have a few minutes so I want to update the blog.

Ethan started preschool with a neighborhood friend. He screamed and cried the first 10 minutes the first week, and then today when I took him he said, " Mom, I'm not gonna cry". And guess what... he walked right in and never cried! It was a completely different story today then it was last time.

This last weekend Chris and I were fortunate enough to do a double date with an old roommate of mine and her husband. We met at Souper Salad up in ..wherever that place is, and had a nice time catching up. ( I love Souper salad by the way and there isn't one down here in Utah County where I live)

Afterward, we headed back to their place, and watched the new Karate Kid with Jackie Chan - It was a cute movie ... but man I can't believe they would have a kid with an on screen kiss who's like 12!! Oh my gosh... it was crazy.

But we had lots of fun, and were definitely in need of it.

I've been busy like crazy trying to get people willing to let me take pictures of them just so I can get some "practice" time in. But I've managed to get four families of varying sizes to agree to let me put them through that kind of torture! But it's okay I'm expecting a new lens and want time to practice using it.

I'm still working on the yearbook this year... and then I'm FINISHED with it. No more ever again. Too many people like to complain, and then we get too many people trying to get us pictures that "STINK" and don't look very good, so it isn't helpful at all.

This year, we're venturing away from doing the Lifetouch way of doing yearbooks, and preparing them on our own using Photoshop and such programs. Really, I don't think it'll be that hard, except when others try to tell you how to do it, when they themselves don't have any experience doing such a thing. Besides, if I have to get volunteer hours in at the school every year, I'd much rather spend it, doing something I enjoy ...such as coaching sports !! I've agreed to do this again next year, so that hopefully the team will actually have a schedule and be a part of the league. Oh well, about another week and half left with this, and then Volleyball will be over. So I need to make sure that a picture gets taken of the team before much longer.

Can we say Team picture Tuesday or Wednesday??? Yeah, one of those might work.

But the more I'm involved with the school, the more I feel like I'm doing something good!!

Anyway... here's a sample of the High School Senior that I did a few weeks ago... I'm looking for a few more so if you live near Utah County in Utah.. and know someone who wants a relatively cheap session... just the cost of prints, give me a call or send me an email.

I'm having lots of fun!!  Developing my talents.  

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