Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First toothless Smile for Heidi

Okay so you all have a child you know that has either lost their first tooth, or is about to. You know all those stages that lead up the tooth coming out.

  • It gets a little wiggly. 
  • After a time ( be it a few days or week or more) they start complaining. 
  • They complain that it hurts when they eat.  Biting into something doesn't happen anymore. 
  • You tell them to cut up or break up the food they want to eat. 
  • Finally they CRY and WAIL over the pain this little object causes.  
  • You try and convince them that it won't hurt if they just get it out. 
  • They hesitate and may not let anyone touch it, and just keep complaining for days or weeks until the thing just falls out on it's own. 
  • They might walk around chewing on a dry rag trying to loosen it some more. 
  • They may or may not grab a pair of pliers to pull it out.  
  • They may or may not let mom or dad have a stab at yanking it out.  
Well my youngest daughter Heidi who just turned 8 a few weeks ago lost her very first tooth last night (Sept , 2010)   She lost it with help from ME!! That's right the little kid was so different then her two older sisters and actually let me grab her tooth, and I PULLED it.  Yeah, she cried a little, and it bled a little.  But I didn't lie to her, I said it would hurt a little but then tomorrow (meaning today) it wouldn't hurt anymore.  And guess what ... I was RIGHT!!

And we'll have a little hiatus until the 5 - 6 teeth in her mouth that are starting to become loose all fall out. And then she'll complain of not being able to eat AGAIN.  But oh, how cute they are like that!! 

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