Saturday, May 22, 2010

Birthday Party for Katherine

You may not know, or maybe you do. But I created a blog over on wordpress (I think I like it's functionality a lot better by the way). This blog is for my photography that I'm trying to get better at a place to post pictures that I've taken, and challenges that I've participated in.

I'm working on becoming a photographer ... and everyone has to START somewhere right??

I have a lot of things that I need to update on here, but for now I'll just inform you that we held Katherine's 10th birthday party this afternoon. I lucked out that the Sun came out and was shining and things started to feel warm for the three hours we scheduled for her party. And then of course, as soon as the end time came, the sprinkling started again.

And within an hour Chris and I went to a park and took our mitts and softball and warmed up playing catch and then had another couple and a few others join up and had some fun batting and fielding balls. Although, we tried to avoid the actual infield spot because it was nothing but MUD. So much fun, we have decided to keep going every Saturday while they do this.

But here are a few pictures from this afternoon, of which I had a ton of fun taking the pictures, and playing with my REALLY new camera and NEW lens. I've only had the camera for one month almost, and I just bought a new lens on Friday --- and I'm loving it so far!!

Now about the party that the girls had ... here is the invitation that I made using elements from Paula Duncan's Kit called: pdd_springish_preview_1


And here is the Birthday Girl!!! Happy 10th Sweetheart!! We love you. 
Reminder these are just a sampling... if you want to see more head on over HERE

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